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Daniel Partiss
over 2 years ago

Timely Advise for those finding themselves looking for work, again....

Just a little advise from someone who has been there...

Attitude is not 75 percent of the process, it is 100 %

When I started out I was a lowly electronic technician/quality control tech working for $20.00/hr at a medical equipment factory... and after a long time the crunch hit and was released off when they closed and sold the factory. There and then I told myself "Every step I take is a step up, or a step forward" and I added to that "I will NOT be unemployed for more than 4 months" (because my Unemployment Comp ended in 6 and would not be renewed) and 3 months later I was re-employed at a major aircraft engine manufacturer...

To make this short I have been downsized or my position eliminated 3 times since that job but each time I either got education compensaton after (one covered 2 and 1/2 years of college, free) or exsessive education while employed.

Needless to say my mantras has only changed slightly... It is now "Every step I take is a step up, or a step forward" and "I have NEVER be unemployed for more than 4 months" and that is the truth on both statements.

To my point, my latest employment was as a Business Analyst / Imformatics Sr. Specialist paying 3 figures and enjoying being Much Much higher on the Food chain....

Take Heart and Keep Up the Attitude......... #inspiration #wisdom #sageadvice

Damian Carrera
almost 2 years ago

What’s the difference from being Experienced or Wise

The difference is that experience is what you’ve lived and what has happen to you in a situation and being wise is choosing or doing the right thing that another person didn’t choose so that what happen to them won’t happen to you.

Michael Carvalho
about 1 year ago

Thinking Out Loud

Good Morning, Today is a beautiful day and the Sun is shining and so are You! As this week starts it is a good time to put away the thoughts of yesterday and start fresh with new thoughts, ideas and Goals. It is a new beginning to past thoughts you intended on putting in order and for some reason never did it. Stop allowing past thoughts to get in your way of fresh ideas. Everyday I am seeing more job opportunities for people who are searching for a job. Are you ready for change? Today is your day to make it happen. And we are here to help you get off to a great start. Jobcase is based on many things and one of them is having access to a great community who is willing to help you. This community has mentors of many experiences who are willing to offer you help in all aspects of obtaining a job. Take advantage of it and go get that job you want! #MyThoughts, #Jobs, #advice, #wisdom

Kaleisha Kisner
over 1 year ago

Words of wisdom once shared with me

To be successful in life; you MUST surround yourself with successful people. #wisdom #knowledge #success