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Melissa Hayes
over 6 months ago

Online Team Builders

Does anyone have experience with Online Team Builders? Are they a legit work from home company? They contacting me for an interview and I am trying to find as much information on them as possible. Thanks for your help.

Alden Simon
over 6 months ago

Job scam - Magnum Medical Latvia

I've been unemployed for a while now, so when I got a text on my phone telling me that my resume had been reviewed, and that they wanted to interview me on Google Hangouts, I didn't see anything wrong. The details were, work at home customer service, 5 days of training at 8 hours a day for $12 an hour, then bumping me to $30 an hour for 8 hour days. In addition, they would be sending me a check (Red flag 1) to cover the setup of my home office, to include an HP Envy laptop, 3 in 1 printer, cell phone (which they would pay the monthly bill for) and software. When I said that I had all that equipment, I was told for warranty purposes, I needed to use their "approved" vendor in case something happened and work needed to be done. (Red flag 2). The company name they used was "Magnum Medical" out of Latvia. Attempting due diligence, I Googled "Magnum Medical" and found their location in Latvia, in addition to a couple of locations in America, per websites. I then checked them on Glassdoor.com, and again, there was a page for them, but no real information. (Red flag 3) So, they're supposed to FedEx me a check overnight. I was given the tracking number, and as it turned out, the package was being held at FedEx initially due to "incorrect address", which was changed to "irregularities on the account" by FedEx. As I'm explaining this to the "supervisor", he tells me that while I'm waiting on the check, I need to go to the store and buy 2 $100 I-Tunes cards, so I can provide them with the serial numbers on the cards in order to "unlock" their proprietary software. (Red flag 4). This was what ultimately confirmed the scam for me. I reported the issue to Apple, who confirmed it was a scam, and then I reported it to IC3, the FTC and the FBI. Well, the check arrived today, and conveniently enough was drawn on an out of state bank - i.e. one with no branch offices in my state (Georgia). So I called their customer service line and was informed in no uncertain terms that the cashier's check was a fake. Then they tried to contact me on Google Hangouts again, asking me if I'd received the check and to confirm the amount ($3650) and when I was going to deposit it. I informed them that Comerica had verified that the check was fraudulent, at which point they attempted to deny that, and I shut them down with "look, we both know you're trying to run a scam. This entire conversation from the beginning has been recorded and sent to the FTC, IC3 and the FBI." So, long story short, if someone gives you a job offer online, then offers to send you a check for "required office equipment" that you are to buy only from their "approved vendor", don't bother. This is a variation on the "overpay" check scam, and if you deposit the "cashier's check" you will be asked to wire a large portion of it to their "vendor", only to find that you'll have an empty bank account and possible criminal charges instead of the equipment you thought you'd ordered for a job that doesn't exist.
So please please be careful.

#scam #jobscam #checkfraud #magnum #magnummedical #latvia

Judith Beltran
over 6 months ago

Recruiter with US Tech Solutions?

I received an email, then a call from a recruiter with US Tech Solutions, who is based out of New Jersey (and I live in Texas). I'm sure she got my information from the many job search websites that are online, because I have never applied with them. She said she had a position that I was good fit for and wanted to submit my resume. She said the position was for a 1 month contract, with starting date of immediately. The client would only be conducting phone screens for the position, so I said yes. That was Wednesday. Today in the morning, the recruiter calls me back and says "Congratulations, the company (which I will not name) has chosen you for this position, which you will start on Monday". So I thought wow thats great, but no one ever called me? So right away she says, I just need to get a few details from you, please state your full legal name, okay, so I did. Next she asks for my SSN, thats when I said wait a minute... So I didn't disclose my SSN, told her I would be calling her back. I've googled US Tech Solutions and have not found anything regarding them being scammers, but I'm a firm believer of "if it's too good to be true...". So, have any of you worked through US Tech Solutions before? Like I said, I can't find any negative comments regarding someone being a victim of identity theft because of this company, but I'm still having a hard time convincing myself to send them all of my personal information, which is needed to complete the background screening. Please help!

Paul Baker
Community Specialist
6 months ago

FBI Issues warning about job scams

Where there are people in need there are those looking to take advantage of them. This time with job seekers and job scams. Some are so elaborate that they'll have a fake interview with you just to steal your personal information. FBI issued a warning to job seekers the other day to be on the lookout for scams.

If you're looking for a work from home job, learn how to quickly spot a work from home job scam.

How are you making sure to keep your job search safe?

#jobsearch #workfromhome

Jennifer Young
Community Specialist
4 months ago

Do you think you'd know a job scam if you saw it?

Here's what the FTC recommends to avoid a job scam:

  • Don't pay for the promise of a job
  • Do your own research
  • Take your time
  • Don't send money "back" to your new boss

    Share your tips in the comments below, and be sure to visit the Jobcase resource center to Avoid Job Scams

#scams #workfromhome

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Gerald Parnell, Jr.

Also, if your email is included with your resume in a job search database but they refuse to email you from an official account. I've had several of these scams attempted on me.

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Anna-Marie Wright
over 6 months ago

Now hiring, not hiring but accepting applications "

You just gotta love when you see a now hiring sign somewhere and it turns out the jobs you see those for really aren't; or the "we're excepting applications but they're not hiring " speech. How's anyone to keep their spirits up with that false advertisement?!" Even if you do make follow up phone calls.

Miguel Vides
over 6 months ago

This is a Scam Email that I got, Be really Careful

I have the pleasure in inviting you to be part of our high professional team named SE Company, which is rapidly developing on the market. Based in Chicago SE Company founded in October of 2007 on the fundamental principles оf applying state-of-the-art petroleum and natural gas exploration and extraction technology to the development of onshore oil and natural gas projects. We believe that your skills and experience will invariably contribute to the development and growth of our company.

    My name is Carol Fraser and I'm the hiring manager. Please do not hesitate to ask your questions about employment process, and I will be happy to answer them for you in detail. The position currently open at the company offers remarkable growth prospects in fields such as сonsulting and management. By agreeing to this position you will have to carry out the following duties described below and to provide you with all the necessary information, you will be involved to the required training, during which you will learn how to perform specific tasks. 
    You will have to carry out the following duties (you will have a preliminary training period that ensures you have learned to perform a particular task): 
  • Preparing graphs and reports regarding information received from our clients and partners who are working inside the country and abroad

  • Development and transfers of working plans

  • Researching of the most profitable routes for travel for our engineers

  • Analysis and research for changes on the current situation in market

  • Providing all necessary reports to the supervisor in time

  • Performing other required tasks if they appear

      In such manner, we try to use all our operating resources to achieve a positive effect in our companies work.To help you better understand work of our team let me give you an example. If our engineers are working every week outside the office, they need to provide reports to us about their work. Therefore, they need to send the required documents to the main office. In some cases, It is not possible for the engineer to prepare the required reports due to the conditions where explorations are held and they don't have access to the computer. And work with the computer is the only way to transfer the information collected during research to the coordination manager for the required processing. And this method of saving time has a positive effect on the quality of work from our company and the team, as all employees perform their tasks quickly and efficiently helping each other, and do not spend time on the job, which requires much more time than it takes.
      The salary that will be paid for the first three weeks of training - $3,050 (paid after you finish your training period). After completion of your trial period - $4,450 per month. 
      I want to highlight you the fact that you do not need to spend your personal out-of-pocket money working with us. Also, all your expenses from the bills will be covered by our company with your salary.
      If you want to proceed further, please find working agreement attached to this letter. This contract has to be signed by your hand. If you can't open following file, please check if you have installed the necessary software on your computer that will let you open PDF files. You can download Abode Reader pack from official website by the link below: www.adobe.com
      To proceed with your signed agreement to our database, you need to follow required rules:
  1. The agreement has to be signed only by hand. Digital signatures are not accepted by our company as legal proof of consent.
  2. Your signed agreement must be sent back as scanned copy or by fax. After successful competition of all steps, I'll contact you to inform about further steps in your employment with us.

With best regards, Carol Fraser, HR Department, SE Company

Tammy Green
over 6 months ago


Person on peopleperhour posting job accepts offer and handles interview on Google Hangout. Interview company information seems legit until they want to send you a check only for software vendor. They sent me a check that did not deliver. Spoke with Fedex who sent the package back to sender. The person goes by Michael Cage using Dubai Healthcare name.

Nicole Grabarec
over 6 months ago

certified caregivewr

i just want people to know about a scam out there online .It's call national homecare and they guarantee $26.65 an hour.You fill out an app online and then pay a fee of $96.00 .It is a total scam and now my money is gone and im a single mother and i dont know what to do.I paid through pay pal isnt there a way they can track it.?

Sara Beaudoin
over 6 months ago

Legit? Legal?? What in the world???

I've been applying for remote/work from home employment and have received several offers for this one position which sounds very odd to me. The job description is to receive packages, inspect them, take photos/document/email inspection to employer and then send them on. Ummm...So you open a package that is already on it's way to the recipient.. inspect, document..and then drop back in the mail??? Is this even legal??? ~~Job Description: Logistics Inspector

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