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Tim Jackson
over 6 months ago

Starting of a new beginning!!!

I worked for a company recently reached my 1yr anniversary. In the beginning I started as a class B cdl driver took a $5.00 paycut from my previous job due to I was a back up driver only when someone called out or I worked in the warehouse which made my paychecks differentiate weekly so I left and wanted a full time driving position Monday thru Friday. In the beginning of this job I was offered a $1.00 raise after my 90 days another $1.00 after my 6 months and would talk more money after my yearly evaluation. In the process of my year I worked my best gave my all, missed 1 day, never late, did any and everything asked of me, went over and above my peers to prove myself to get what was offered to me in the beginning, needless to say I was not received a $1.00 after my 6months I ddnt say anything went the full year giving my all seeing how I would be compensated after my year. 3 weeks ago I have my review, his 1st words was ”you have a perfect review, nothing bad to say but unfortunately we can’t give u extra pay only the $1.00 & the .25 cent raise from the union” lol oh really ? The following week I took a sick day studied went to take my class A permit for combination vehicles and passed the next day took another sick day and studied went to take my hazmat and passed went to work the next day and put in my 2weeks to further my career with a company that is offering me $10.00 more to train me for 1 month as a tractor trailer driver. I say that to say this never let one depreciate your value of you putting in your all when you know that you gave it. Taking this next 4 days with my family and enjoying it and relaxing getting ready for my new journey. #KnowYourWorth

Ceejay Black
over 6 months ago

Use the bad things to your advantage

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share with you what happened to me. I am new in New York. I have been working in Asia for 10 years of my life. Have had good paying solid jobs but when I came to New York, I started from scratch. I graduated Major in Information Technology, but I havent used my skills because the job opportunities that came back then were call center jobs. So in NY, I got accepted for a job of IT Helpdesk Admin. I am very grateful that my boss took me in and trusted me that I can do my job even though I didnt have experience. The only bad thing is, my team is messy. The guys I am working with are very lazy. They will try as much as they can to dodge jobs that are given to them. But even though it is challenging, it benefited me in many ways. I had to do initiative to learn things on my own and do the job myself because I genuinely love to help people. And because of this, I have become a more experienced IT person. One thing though, being that this Was an entry level job for me, I was paid like a newly grad college. Anyways, 2 years now and I decided I nEed to find another firm that knows how to value me, and will pay me market value. Here I am, going to start my ne job soon, and got $14k more or what Im getting plus bonus. The bad situation I was in my team was kinda useful. It paved the wah for me to now find a better opportunity. Never stop, try harder, and reach for your goals and dreams, and everything will fall in its place in the right time :) #survivor #gotanewjob #blessed #hardworker #initiative #knowyourworth #newjob