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Christine Canales
2 months ago

Hello everyone, I'm new here and excited to become a part of the community where, hopefully, I will help just as much as I get helped.

A big part of who I am is my diagnosis of CPTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD but it doesn't define me.

I am an #overcomer. I am a #survivor. I am an #advocate. I am #valuable. - So are you.

Last year in February I was suicidal and admitted myself to a mental health hospital. I got the help that I needed but my work environment was not helping me improve my mental health, it was making it worse. I quit a job I adored in September of last year and since then I have been looking for a job.

It's taken me a while to get to the point where I can consistently search though. I was scammed shortly after I quit my job and that caused my #anxiety to go into overdrive. Every contact, every post, every application sent me into a near panic. So, I took my time.

My mental health has improved so much so, that I am now able to apply to multiple jobs in a single day and have multiple interviews in one week. It's still slow going, I'm still struggling, but that's okay. I'm human. I need to be kind to myself and give myself grace.

I'm currently searching for a job that is #remote and related to #DataEntry but open to anything that doesn't have to do with creating my own business or sales.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Johnny Sepulveda
over 6 months ago


Well, it sounds like the first guy was talking complete bullshit and the 2nd guy -- almost humanely -- let him know they weren’t going to be hiring any convicted felons anytime soon. That is their right. And depending on the business? BANK, RETAIL, TRANSPORTATION, HEALTH CARE? All open them up to MASSIVE LIABILITY and if they’re not OK w/ the fact that he has to OWN his past, then so be it.

That’s the thing about one’s decisions in life. You’re going to pay for it. Especially in this day and age when I can pay 20 bucks and find out your entire life story. And that’s scary. But it is the way it is. I currently work at a financial institution. First time ever doing so. The background checks? The finger printing? The “mug shots”? The personal references? Um. After a week of that? With my 10uyear old DUI and my temporarily crappy credit? “I’m screwed.” They offered me the job -- as long as all my checks cleared. It was Day 10 after the offer and I sweated through ANOTHER weekend of waiting. Understand,, this job would be the best paying job of my life. And a huge step in my career path (tech). And the interviews? Went wonderfully. And they offered me the job. But I had to wait. I wrote a long email to my potential supervisor about my credit, etc. I shared it w/ my recruiter who became horrified I would even consider sending such a thing.

We argued like a couple breaking up. Phones were hung up. Curse words were exchanged. But in my heart, I wanted at least the CHANCE to defend myself. Or explain myself. “Don’t just read that damn report and think you know me!” I thought. So after that 2nd weekend, I knew my past was rearing its ugly head and I was going to be turned away, my job offered taken back and given to someone else. I was a complete wreck Oh,and btw, I was dead broke. 2 more weeks? I ‘d be homeless. DAMMIT.

So that Monday morning I woke up and sat at my computer. I had an email address from the HR gal that sent me all the background documents. And I wrote her an email.

“Hi, ______:: I felt compelled to write you and the company to let you know I am very aware of my credit and I’m working on a solution and how best to recoup my financial good standing. I would feel wrong if I didn’t acknowledge it. So I am doing so now and hope this doesn’t dissuade __ocmpany from going through my hire, because I really want this job and to work for your company. That is all. Thank you for reading... best, John S.”

And about an hour later? My recruiter, who was screaming at me the last time we spoked - and for good reason -- called me and said: “Are you sitting down?” ME: “Should I be?” HER: “YOU GOT THE JOB!!!” And a big smile took up my entire face and I listened as she congratulated the freaking hell out of me, all excited. And I think I was happier for her for that entire day.

And as of right now? She doesn’t know I wrote them.
And never will.

That’s what I did to somehow mitigate my past, give it some shape or put it under a different light. Yes, I went rogue. But hell, I had noting to lose besides my home.

Do what you can w/in the law to make a potential employer see YOU and YOU and YOU in a different light.

I guarantee you that 99 times out of a 100, they wouldn’t hired me. But you’ve got to know something about me. I ALWAYS BELIEVE I AM THAT ONE IN HUNDRED. I ALWAYS BELIEVE I AM THE DAMN EXCEPTION. I ALWAYS BELIEVE ... in me. It’s what I do best especially when my back is up against it. That’s when I shine.


Now goddamit..., go get’em.

#willpower #resilience #self #background #check #survivor #one #in #a #million #jobsearch #JobcaseroftheDay

Ceejay Black
over 6 months ago

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share with you what happened to me. I am new in New York. I have been working in Asia for 10 years of my life. Have had good paying solid jobs but when I came to New York, I started from scratch. I graduated Major in Information Technology, but I havent used my skills because the job opportunities that came back then were call center jobs. So in NY, I got accepted for a job of IT Helpdesk Admin. I am very grateful that my boss took me in and trusted me that I can do my job even though I didnt have experience. The only bad thing is, my team is messy. The guys I am working with are very lazy. They will try as much as they can to dodge jobs that are given to them. But even though it is challenging, it benefited me in many ways. I had to do initiative to learn things on my own and do the job myself because I genuinely love to help people. And because of this, I have become a more experienced IT person. One thing though, being that this Was an entry level job for me, I was paid like a newly grad college. Anyways, 2 years now and I decided I nEed to find another firm that knows how to value me, and will pay me market value. Here I am, going to start my ne job soon, and got $14k more or what Im getting plus bonus. The bad situation I was in my team was kinda useful. It paved the wah for me to now find a better opportunity. Never stop, try harder, and reach for your goals and dreams, and everything will fall in its place in the right time :) #survivor #gotanewjob #blessed #hardworker #initiative #knowyourworth #newjob