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Brandy Schofield
3 months ago

Job Scam- Omada Healthcare-Discord for Data Entry/CSR

Came across a not-so-new type of job scam. Hurts my heart to see when someone does fall for something similar. The other day I had time to burn as I was awaiting a real call back from a job I had interviewed for a week ago so why not see where this all goes. But a person texts my phone from a weird out-of-state number saying that they saw my resume on the workintexas.com website from someone claiming the name Linda Esquibel. Figured I would see what it was about considering I am currently looking for a job to work from home.
They started off claiming that they worked for Omada Healthcare. Referring me to another hiring manager that claimed his name was Marco Franco user tag for discord: Marco Franco#1182 for anyone who gets a text or email from these people). Where the first red flag was "Hey do you have Discord?" Knowing that I do have an account, I promptly told them No to see what they were trying to do. Well needless to say they wanted to hold the interview via Discord chat (1st red flag). Used my alternate discord account to see how it would pan out. Needless to say, they were quick to respond and ask me several questions and give me their version of what the position would be that they felt I would be a great asset to them. At the end of the conversation when I grew tired of the bull that they were trying to feed, the guy got super aggressive with wanting me to give all my information (2nd red flag) as we are almost 30 minutes into me feeding into the bull. My counter to him asking was, well most hiring managers will refer back to the resume for the additional information that they are looking for. As far as my banking information, that is never asked during an interview let alone a privacy act violation so no I do not feel comfortable relating any of this information considering that would be an HR type of thing (3rd red flag).
In the end, told him I knew it was a scam and had seen this on a similar basis from another friend, blocked him, reported him to the Work Source, sent into the actual company addressing that a scammer was using the companies name. The Omada company did get back to me and told me that there have been a lot of recent scams in their name. People have told them that the scammers are asking for money for equipment or sending a bogus check for the unfortunate soul to put in their account and then wipe them of all their funds.
Be aware that interviews are not done through any messenger apps and if they do interview you it will be through a secure online portal that they will send you through or the regular phone interview. But just in case someone else comes across something like this you have been updated on the new tactics they are trying to use to get money out of people. #scam #unemployed #jobscam

Chuck Sclafani
over 6 months ago



Greetings After applying for our job posting posted on Dice job site for the Data Entry Clerk We feel you may be a good candidate for a position within our company, and hereby You have been selected for an online screening with the Hr manager Mrs Wendy Hoad

Organization Name: ASC GROUP (PTY) Limited

Job Title:Data Entry Clerk

You are required to set up a Google Hangout account, after this process, you are to add the Hiring Manager on your Google Hangout, her Gmail address is (ascrecruitdesk@gmail.com) add her to your Google Hangout buddy list ASAP for the job briefing and comprehensive details. If you don't have one , You're advised to setup the Google G-mail Account via (www.gmail.com) and download the Google hangout on your phone or PC via (www.google.com/hangouts) , she will be online waiting to respond to your add request as well as your messages. If you have any problem in setting up the Google Hangout account, Log into your Gmail account, at the bottom left-hand corner,click the Hangouts icon. If the time is not convenient for you, feel free to email her at this Email address: (ascrecruitdesk@gmail.com)

Your verification code is (HZIP-5330), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process.

She will be waiting to talk to you right away.Your timely response matter a lot. I wish you best of luck.

Best regards, Human Resources. ASC GROUP (PTY) Limited

The phone number tied to this bunko-artist: 218-331-1637 - person's name is MAURICE BROWN



Paul Baker
Community Specialist
3 months ago

What's a surefire way to spot a job scam?

What is an obvious sign of a #jobscam? #jobsearch #advice

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money sounds too good to be true

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Veronica Hanna

The "interview" is done via online chat...

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Alden Simon
over 6 months ago

Job scam - Magnum Medical Latvia

I've been unemployed for a while now, so when I got a text on my phone telling me that my resume had been reviewed, and that they wanted to interview me on Google Hangouts, I didn't see anything wrong. The details were, work at home customer service, 5 days of training at 8 hours a day for $12 an hour, then bumping me to $30 an hour for 8 hour days. In addition, they would be sending me a check (Red flag 1) to cover the setup of my home office, to include an HP Envy laptop, 3 in 1 printer, cell phone (which they would pay the monthly bill for) and software. When I said that I had all that equipment, I was told for warranty purposes, I needed to use their "approved" vendor in case something happened and work needed to be done. (Red flag 2). The company name they used was "Magnum Medical" out of Latvia. Attempting due diligence, I Googled "Magnum Medical" and found their location in Latvia, in addition to a couple of locations in America, per websites. I then checked them on Glassdoor.com, and again, there was a page for them, but no real information. (Red flag 3) So, they're supposed to FedEx me a check overnight. I was given the tracking number, and as it turned out, the package was being held at FedEx initially due to "incorrect address", which was changed to "irregularities on the account" by FedEx. As I'm explaining this to the "supervisor", he tells me that while I'm waiting on the check, I need to go to the store and buy 2 $100 I-Tunes cards, so I can provide them with the serial numbers on the cards in order to "unlock" their proprietary software. (Red flag 4). This was what ultimately confirmed the scam for me. I reported the issue to Apple, who confirmed it was a scam, and then I reported it to IC3, the FTC and the FBI. Well, the check arrived today, and conveniently enough was drawn on an out of state bank - i.e. one with no branch offices in my state (Georgia). So I called their customer service line and was informed in no uncertain terms that the cashier's check was a fake. Then they tried to contact me on Google Hangouts again, asking me if I'd received the check and to confirm the amount ($3650) and when I was going to deposit it. I informed them that Comerica had verified that the check was fraudulent, at which point they attempted to deny that, and I shut them down with "look, we both know you're trying to run a scam. This entire conversation from the beginning has been recorded and sent to the FTC, IC3 and the FBI." So, long story short, if someone gives you a job offer online, then offers to send you a check for "required office equipment" that you are to buy only from their "approved vendor", don't bother. This is a variation on the "overpay" check scam, and if you deposit the "cashier's check" you will be asked to wire a large portion of it to their "vendor", only to find that you'll have an empty bank account and possible criminal charges instead of the equipment you thought you'd ordered for a job that doesn't exist.
So please please be careful.

#scam #jobscam #checkfraud #magnum #magnummedical #latvia

Ethan Inman
over 6 months ago

Recently my brother got a job with a company called "Civmec" and what he does is he will go to locations like Walmart and accept incoming money grams and then go to a different Walmart and send them to a specified location. He gets to keep 10% of the money gram as payment. This to me has a million red flags all over it. I treid to tell him its a scam first of all because he takes 10% and it's cash with no pay stubs or paper trail so there is no way to tax it and even a legit commission job has a form pay stubs. Also he is sending some of these to places like South Africa and Puerto Rico. He says that it's for their payroll but that's ridiculous also, why can't Civmec just send it to that address themselves. I told him that they are setting him up as the scapegoat for whatever they are doing but he still thinks they are a legit business. Please don't just tell me this sounds like a scam, I know it sounds like one. Is there anyone out there this has happened to before? Or can anyone find me solid proof this is a scam. I just don't want my brother in law to get in serious trouble with the law. Please help me.

Dawn DeLuca Gambino, PHR
over 6 months ago

I can't believe what just almost happened to me...I received a msg via Gmail, and it seemed legit at first...I looked up the individual on LinkedIn and read his profile etc. and the pic matched. Long story short, as he's telling me about the position and company, he asks me to tell him a little about myself and proceeds to ask me my exact location, age. etc....I said "are you serious??!! I am an HR Professional and you're asking my age?" and then all of the sudden, he drops off and goes ghost...I then contacted the actual company and let them know that someone was perpetrating as one of their employees...I guess he thought I was going to tell him all my personal info and location, so he can come and assault me? or worse kidnap me and make me part of his harem???!!!

Alden Simon
over 6 months ago

Check fraud scam

Received an email stating something similar to "RESUME APPROVED" , and asking you to interview on Google Hangouts ? Take a minute and look at the email itself. Is it from a legitimate company email, or is it a Gmail account? That's red flag number 1.

This is a rather elaborate version of the check fraud scam, using mostly legitimate company names, with possibly an extra "-" or misspelling. A Google search will undoubtedly find the company name, as will a check on GlassDoor.com; however checking with the company will find that they don't hire remote help, they don't intend to open an office in your city, or that the person "hiring" you doesn't work there, or if the person exists at the company, they have no knowledge of the position you were offered. Red flag number 2.

How this is supposed to work is that you will engage in an "interview" on Google Hangouts, after which you will be told that you have been hired for an hourly rate for training, and then a larger amount for your "regular" wages. You will then be emailed supporting documentation, such as an offer letter and possibly direct deposit paperwork. In addition, you will be told that you need to purchase "office supplies" such as a laptop, printer, software, etc, however these things can only be purchased from their "approved" vendor. Red flag number 3 However, lucky for you, they will be sending you a large cashier's check to cover these expenses; upon receipt, you are to deposit the check in your personal account, and you are to keep X$ as your signing bonus, and then send the rest via wire to the vendor for your supplies.

In addition, you may be told that you need to buy I-Tunes cards so that the codes on the cards can be used to "unlock" their proprietary software.

None of this is true. They are after your bank information with the direct deposit form, then they are trying to have you deposit a counterfeit cashiers check in your bank account. The check may not come back immediately as a fake, however trust, it will. When the check bounces, you are then held legally responsible for the amount deposited, despite it being a fake check.

If by some misfortune, you have gotten to the check stage of this scam, take a moment and call the bank that the check is drawn on prior to depositing. Chances are that conveniently, there won't be a branch in your state. However, a quick check on the internet will provide a toll-free number for that bank's customer service.

Remember: a legitimate company will not be using a free email service such as Gmail, Hotmail, or similar. They will be using their own proprietary domain, such as USBank.com (used only as an example). In addition, a legitimate company will not be sending you a check for you to buy supplies "exclusively from their preferred vendor", or I-Tunes cards to "unlock" proprietary software. No legitimate company will ask for I-Tunes codes to unlock software, either.

Please take a few minutes to report this to the following authorities: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Company#crnt , and https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

I hope I've managed to get this out in time for you to not be scammed.

If, unfortunately, you've already been taken, please contact the FTC and IC3, along with your local law enforcement.

#jobscam #checkfraud #fraud #besafe

Kimberly Evans
over 6 months ago


received a job offer today I was very excited however they asked me to download a app called hangouts to do the interview the interview was very non traditional and had many unique questions but I pushed through. Then they said I was hired and asked for my Verizon wireless account email and password to order the products I needed at home. I called them out on it and they just told me to have a good day I wanted 2 hours of my time that I could have had a real interview very disappointed