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Wayne Hall
over 6 months ago

General Manager

I posses a level of management skills that will allow me to manage many companies. I'm looking for a company allow me the chance to apply my managerial skills to help grow the company.

Michaella DeBrito
over 6 months ago

Fitness world

I’ve paid HUNDREDS of dollars for tests, training and certifications. I’ve set up a blog. I feel like I’ve gone on 50 different interviews at gyms and studios for group exercise and personal training jobs, and always have been told NO. How the heck am I supposed to start building my business if no one will give me the opportunity? And I REFUSE to hear anything about shakes or wraps… because that’s NOT why I chose this industry.

Nicole Rodgers
over 6 months ago

Went to college. Graduated top of class for undergrad, and for MBA. Still having hard time making over $21hr. Feels like a waste

Has anyone ever felt like they wasted time and should of went to college for something else? Well, I do. I have a MBA and my undergrad was in Business too. I graduated both programs with over 3.67, but of course nobody cares when you become an adult. Plus, trying to move to other roles, like human resources when you've been in finance or account management seems to be impossible. SMDH. If I knew what I know now, I'd went to school for something in medical field like communcation disorders, nursing ,or occupation therapy. That way, I can help people, make great money, and have job stability. Its so frustrating when you're educated, great work ethnic and still have a hard time find a good paying job. Like really, why would you call someone with a MBA and try to offer them a job paying $12-$16hr? That is a slap in the face. When you have a family, car, childcare, rent and other obligations at minimum $24 hr should be offered. If I wouldnt want to live off of $12-$16 hr, why would I ask you too? Especially if the job requires a Bachelors, MBA, or certain amount of experience.

Does anyone else feel same way I feel?

Robert Dragoo
over 6 months ago

Sr VP, COO, Texas Tech University, Sr Partner,National Director - Energy Practice at E&Y

Spent my career managing and consulting on Asset performance and tracking: "If you can't measure it, You can't manage it" _ A quote from my book: Real-Time Profit Management" - BOB DRAGOO, Wiley & Sons, NYC

Gilles Maurice Aguehounde
over 6 months ago

Jobs/ paid internshipd

Hello , my name is maurice ! Im a international student majoring in business at East central university. I have an associate in science.Im looking for a job/ paid internship to support my financial status. I can send you resume. I'm a f1 student , and I dont have a ssn. I would do any jobs to get some cash in my pockets. I live in Ada, Ok. I will send you my resume/cover letter if desired Email : gil24s@yahoo.fr Ps: Im bilingual (English and French )

over 6 months ago

Senior ETO

Stanislaw Bednarek Zygmuntowska 16B/12 78-100 Kolobrzeg, Poland Mobile: 0048 662474863 Phone: 0048 943527339

Dear Sir.

I am writing to apply for a Job Title Senior Electrical Engineer Offshore ETO position in your company. Please consider my CV attached of the possible Oil & GAS employment on board of Offshore or Onshore job. I’m EU citizen, experienced Senior ETO with good references from previous employers, with skills. For the last thirty four years I have been consistently developing my skills and experiences spent the last thirteen years working for the LPG/C Star gas Shipping, Sea Bulk Offshore Supply Vessel &Kongsberg DP2 system Vessel, (Service Electrical Engineer West Africa Project) Sea Dream Yacht Club Passenger Vessel (Chief Electrician), Munck Cranes AS in Norway (Work On Shore, position Eng. Electronic), and Kongsberg DP2 system Vessel in Sarku Marine SDN.BHD (Service Electrical Engineer South China Sea Project), Conautic Maritime(Neptune Maritime) Service ROV DP2 Kongsberg system vessel, Electrician Engineer South China Sea Project) Workships Contractors BV and Dulam International L.T.D. in Dubai ( ETO on the DSV DP2 Kongsberg System Vessel Project on the water Qatar –SHARJAH OXY), C.S. Offshore ETO on the AHTS M.T. DP2 System Vessel. SEA LION Construction DP2 System Vessel position on board ETO. DOF SUBSEA DSV DP2 Diesel-Electric System Vessel Position on board ETO (South China Sea Project for Shell). Zamil offshore DSV DP2 Vessel Position ETO (Arabian Golf Project). 05/03/2010 I’m receiving SDP Maintenance Diploma from Kongsberg, Norway. I am flexible person who has good interpersonal skills and enjoys working as a part of a team and as well as an individual. I hard working and willing to learn with the ability to work under pressure, a experienced in providing a high quality from Technical University and enjoy working with other people.

Main activities and responsibilities:

I am having good experience in the field of Electrical, Electronic, Instrumentation, Automation (Electro Pneumatic/ Hydraulic Actuators, 4-20mA Control Systems, Flow Measurement (Micro Motion, Turbine Type and Magnetic Type), Density Measurement), Level Measurement (Radar Type, Pressure and Capacitive Type), pH Measurement, PLC (Telemechanique and Alstom, , Modicon, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron and Siemens), AC & DC Speed control, High Pressure Pump (20,000 PSI) Control, and Data Acquisition System, soft start system), IT, Electrical Propulsion, DP system (Alstom DPS900, Kongsberg Simrad SDP21, Rolls Royce ICON2, Kondsberg DP3, SDP 21 + 11 K-Pos DP3), Hydraulic Controls, Pneumatic Controls and LAN. Also experienced in AC/DC thruster controls, Hydro Aquatics Position Reference system, Taut wire, Artimis, GPS, DGPS, Satellite communication system, TV System, Radar, Anemometer, MRU, High Capacity UPS (200KVA), Gyro, Planned Maintenance System (AMOS, ABS NS5 & TM Master), Electro Hydraulic cranes, Main propulsion and Remote control system, I am good in Electrical, Electronic, Pneumatic and Hydraulic fault finding and diagram reading

  • Safety-critical control systems
    • Configuration control / management
  • Experience of complex IMA systems - Diesel-Electric DSV DP2 System Vessel
  • Sources of electrical energy and distribution on board
  • Kongsberg Dynamic Position SDP21 & SDP32 & Marine Technologies Bridge Mate
  • Power generation , main distribution & electronic automation system from ScanaVolda
  • Thrusters AC Electric-Driven Kawasaki KT-88B3, Tunnel CPP; Thrust 103Kn(10.5T) + 1 Stern Thruster 680KW AC Electric-Driven Kawasaki KT-88B3
  • Propulsion: 2X CPP Type with Kort Nozzles, ScanaVolda
  • Power management (K-Chief Kongsberg)
  • Power generation, main distribution
  • Power Electronics design and fire alarm design
  • converters, low-voltage specialist for electronics repair
  • Thrusters AC drives (ABB / Siemens)
  • PLC’ s - Siemens S7, ABB or A. Bradley -Advanced
  • PLC / HMI or DCS based control systems - Testsystem software
  • PLS/Scada& Auto-CAD System
  • Worked with SCADA Used PLC/SQL systems
  • Ship electric devices operating and occupational safety
  • Marine electrical, electronic and control engineering
  • Ship automatic control system
  • Electro-navigation and radio communication equipment
  • Construction of the vessel and deck equipment
  • Operation of marine power plant and auxiliary machinery
  • Refrigerating and hydraulic system on board
  • Environmental protection
  • Turret System Design.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Senior Electrical Engineer Offshore, Senior ETO Stanislaw Bednarek

Tracy Wagner, MBA
over 6 months ago

Degreed and unemployed

Just reading others' posts lets me know that I am not alone. I have a B.S. In Health Administration and an M.B.A. All I have wanted to do is be successful in life and move up within a company. After working for two companies taking a job with low wages just to get my foot in the door until I completed my education, I found myself being stuck and struggling to pay bills like crazy. Eventually I landed a job that paid me according to my educational level and due to a reorganization and budget cuts, my position was terminated. Now I am having problems finding work and I have tried everything. Don't people realize you MUST work! I'm willing to work and not stand on the street corner begging for God's sake! Give people work, especially if they have the experience and have been willing to get the education. It's so hard for people who have experience, but no degrees. It's also hard for people who have degrees, but no experience and it's hard for people who have both but are middle aged. For God's sake, what do employers want?

Vivian Teel
over 6 months ago

independent Consultant

My name is Vivian Teel. I am starting a recruiting business to help people find work. I enjoy helping people in so if I can be of assistance please let me know. For those who are struggling try LinkedIn good place to start.

Carrie Conley
over 6 months ago

Management/Sales Representative

I have 22 years as owner of a gift shop and restaurant and we sold this in 2008. I also currently have 8 additional years in first aid and safety sales. I want out of the sales field but with a Business Management Degree and 22 years of experience, I am not being looked at for a management job. Please advise what type a career to look for with my background. So ready for a change!

Keith Cespedes
over 6 months ago

Go it alone?

There's a Service Experts near me that's hiring right now - but the truth is, I'm kinda interested in starting my own Service experts business. Anyone have any ideas about what it's like starting a franchise?

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