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30 days ago

What you do if you 55 and laid off?

After working at the company for many years I was laid off. Although I have experience it is hard to find a job. A phone interview is ok but not in person. Employers do not believe that humans can learn after 50. Because I am a human I do not know EVERYTHING but if you could give me a chance I will learn and I will do well. After applying to so many positions and 2.5 years in I give up. If the economy does not want me so be it. If you see me in the park or sleeping under the bridge just know I am not an addict. I am a hardworking person but I am too old to be hired and too old to for your 20-30 culture. I would look for something else but frankly, the tech is all I know. Thank you for your thoughts. #ageism #laidoff #python #careerchange #training #technology #certification #jobsearch #womanintech