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Anthony Harrington
over 6 months ago

Job Skills Training for 16-24 Year Olds

If you are 16 to 24 years of age and are considered "low-income" you might qualify for a free trade school program though Job Corps.

Job Corps is a tuition-free trade school where students who qualify and are accepted can learn valuable trade skills in a variety of industries ranging from culinary and automotive, to finance and business services.

In addition to skills training, you have the opportunity to take an internship position with many local businesses who will provide you with real world job experience. From there you can network with employers to land a full time job and begin your career.

My friend went through Job Corps, its not easy, there are rules you have to follow or you will be expelled from the program, but you can earn certifications and experience as you progress.

For more information check out: http://www.jobcorps.gov/home.aspx

Matthew Wasko
3 days ago

#jobsearch #workfromhome #tradeschool to get paid as you learn #retail application.