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Mike Barry
over 6 months ago

Consultant, Sales & Marketing Manager - Seeking New Opportunities

Business Professional, known for quickly achieving results on behalf of employers across industries.

Lets connect and network: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-barry-32259a41

Contact me if you're seeking a candidate with the following skills:

  • Self motivated; can work with minimal directions and supervision to complete tasks
  • Flexible and responsive to evolving job responsibilities and demands
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Enthusiastic, energetic, personable and friendly
  • Quickly develop rapport and enjoy working within a team
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities and deadlines
  • Strong time management skills and practices
  • Problem solving and resolution skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient knowledge of MS Office (Word, Power Point, Excel)
  • Proficient knowledge of CRM software

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Dillon Kelly
over 6 months ago

Important Off-subject topics

I have heard one of the most beneficial traits when interviewing and also at the office is the ability to talk about a wide range of topics unrelated to just the nitty-gritty of your work life.

Mostly, I have used this as an excuse for learning a lot about sports and current events - there's a huge event on tonight in game 5 of the NBA Finals. I highly recommend watching not only because it should be a great game in what has been an entertaining series, but also because it provides a fun conversation topic and opportunity for you to liven up tomorrow's Monday conversation/interview with a potentially fun topic.

Cleveland vs. Golden State - fellow sports fans - who is going to win tonight and in the series?

#sports #gogoGoldenState

Michael Williamson
3 months ago

My job consisted building basketball courts residential and commercial, installation of hardwood flooring, sanding sealing painting game lines and a finished coat. I also 8nstaled batting cages artificial grass etc.