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Crystal A
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over 6 months ago

After actively seeking job leads, I interviewed with a healthcare institution set up by a job agency. The interview was virtual, and it went great. I left knowing that I did a great interview. I was so excited I reached out to the recruiter and told them how I did. On a scale of 0-10, I told them I would rate the interview a 10. The recruiter shared my excitement as well. She said she would reach out to the person who interviewed me to follow up. Unfortunately, later that day, I received an email from my recruiter saying that I did not get a job offer. The person words were, "I needed someone with more experience using Epic."

For all my individuals who work in healthcare or do non-clinical work should know about Epic. When the interviewer asked me if I had experience using Live Epic, I told them, "yes" I have used Epic but not the live version. My previous company had employees access it through a link on the computer. It was already downloaded. When I told the interviewer that, they didn't seem concerned. So, I thought that it was okay that I was honest. Because I have experience with the platform. So why did they not want to hire me because I didn't use the live version? I have no clue. At any point, after I told the interviewer about my experience with Epic, they should have stated their concerns or asked for clarification of my using the software. Instead, they just assumed the access link didn't work the same way the Live version does. This was a huge letdown, and I'm very conflicted about whether I should have just said yes and not given the interviewer unnecessary details. Because it cost me the job. #interview #advice #followup #healthcare #hr #jobsearch #remote #jobagency #staffingagency #unemployed #nonclinical #denial #refusal #interviewmistakes