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Lawrence White
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Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

FEMA and the Equal Opportunity Publications are hosting a (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) STEM Diversity Career Expo on Friday , April 23.

The expo is designed to bring industry and government together with members of minority groups, women and people with disabilities in the Science, Technology Engineering, and Math, (STEM) career disciplines.

Who is encouraged to attend?

  • Current college students
  • Recent college graduates
  • Entry-level job seekers
  • Experienced professionals

Anyone in who fits within these target of candidates with career interests in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Job candidates represent all members of minority groups and diverse cultures, including people with disabilities, women and veterans.

For more expo details and to register for this exciting FEMA career opportunity go to FEMA - STEM Diversity Career Expo

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Beatrix T
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over 6 months ago

What I loved about working at #Math,Science&TechnologyResourceCenterDeAnzaCollege was

Mathematics had always been my biggest enemy since I was in elementary school. I spend extra time and money to get help outside the school in a math tutoring place. I once asked the tutor what made her happy to do her job. “The happiness when you see your student succeed cannot be bought anywhere else, and you will never know until you experience it on your own,” she answered.

My curiosity about the happy feeling of teaching led me to an initiative to help my friends at school who could not afford to pay for private tutoring. I did not find the sense that my teacher told me about until my friends whom I helped succeed in their exam. Since then, my interest and ambition to study more about Mathematics increased and I started to be a good friend with it.

I did not know the existence of the tutoring center until I got an email from the campus tutoring center offering me an educational and professional on-campus job experience because of my good achievement in Mathematics classes that I took. Honestly, the main reason why I registered was that I want to pursue that same satisfaction when I see other people succeed but not because of helping others. However, that changed once I became a tutor.

There is a tutee who always requires me more time and energy to teach him because he had a different learning ability. One day, he told me that he had a disability in studying and he did not have the money to get help off-campus. Since then, I changed my intention of being a tutor. I want to help people to pass their classes so that they do not have to retake the same course. Although I have only become a tutor for two months, I have seen a lot of changes in students. Most of them that came to the tutoring center in much confusion has left the place knowledgeable and then came back with good news that they pass their exams which brings me so much joy.

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