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Amy Blair
4 months ago

Florida job availability...joke

According to Governor DeSantis, "Florida has over 460,000 online jobs available with the strongest economic conditions in the nation". Where are these jobs Mr. DeSantis? This information was taken from Florida's Department of Unemployment Economics; Florida has gained more than 800,000 private-sector jobs since the beginning of Covid-19. As a person who's position was eliminated due to Covid and have been looking for employment since day 1 but I'm just not seeing these jobs! It's been over a year of applying and networking but I have yet had a single call back or an interview? If I find positions to apply for that's great but most of the online job postings are not relevant to my experience or direct me to a third party site requiring me to sign up just to be able to submit my application/resume rather than allowing me to apply directly with the company. I bring over 20 years of Account Management, Direct to Consumer Sales and Customer Service and Retention experience, I really hope I can find something soon. #joblessinflorida #jobseeking #laidoff #pleasehireme

Taylor Dunevent
over 6 months ago

In search of a job

I was laid off due to no work.. i have 2 kids and really need to be able to provide for them. For the past 5 years ive worked everyday to provide for my family, i dont get any government help i just want to work..... im experienced with metal fabrication, forklift , restuarant manager, appliance installer, landscaping and a little in house plumbing... i need work please help

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Ashley Wilson

I think that is very admirable to help them! Be sure to check out the job search tool and our getting hired resource center! I also would start by filling out your JC profile and then once you have, select the resume tab and click download and PRESTO you have a pre-generated resume! You will need this when applying : ) Let me know how else I can help!

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Elyssa Duncan
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

How can we help YOU?

Here at Jobcase, we are working hard to help members navigate the uncertain waters that #Coronavirus has presented.

We want to know what you need to get through this tough time.

  • More resources?
  • More motivation?
  • More information about certain careers?
  • More Q&As?

Let us know!

Leah Gorham-Bing
over 6 months ago

Job Seeking

I'm looking for a job, preferably not fast food as I don't do extremely well in fast paced environments. I've only had one job before and it was at Dairy Queen. I have experience in customer service and using a POS system and cash register. I'm almost finished with my GED and expect to be finished with it by the end of the quarter in June. I'm also planning on beginning Drivers Ed in the summer. I've been searching for a job since October and have had no luck since most places either want someone with experience or are just not interested in me in general. Any suggestions to places I could apply to or tips you have on making finding a job any easier would be greatly appreciated. #advice #help #job #Jobs #jobseeking #searching

Veronica Jefferson
over 6 months ago

Info Sharing!

I wanted to share this with others as I previously had an opportunity to join in on this webinar last month, and it was very useful and helpful. Even if you just wanted to sit in and listen to the information when it comes to job seeking and getting no responses. This was very helpful for me so I hope it is for you too. Sign up is free and the webinar is free to listen to with the option to join a paid membership (which I didn't do because it's expensive). I hope this helps anyone and everyone.

"Sick of applying for jobs and never hearing back? I've got you covered. In this FREE online workshop, you'll discover:

  1. The single biggest mistake that job seekers make with their resume. (And 1 simple trick to instantly make yours stand out!)
  2. How to have more networking conversations that instantly turn into job interviews.
  3. How to handle the money conversation so you get paid what you're worth. (And how to avoid the common phrase that costs most job seekers thousands!)
  4. How I went from admin assistant to executive and tripled my salary in 6 weeks!  (At 23 years old, with little experience!)

Claim your free spot today >>> https://app.webinarjam.net/register/24095/9eaa1f894e?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social+Adv&utm_campaign=EW%3A+Custom+Audience+Test+1+%28LCL+Buy+Thanks+Visit%29

#webinar #knowledge #jobseeking #effort #learnsomething #freesession #signup #knowledgeiskey

Araceli Avilez
over 6 months ago


Good Morning, Jobcase friends

I would like to wish you all good luck, maybe you are looking for a job like me. Just don't give up, we are going to look for our perfect job. Don't be down maybe 1 door closes but 100 can open up. Lets upload our resume out there and give our interview our all. #goodLuck #JobSeeking #NoScams

Constance Carlsen
over 6 months ago

Job hunting

I am looking for a phlebotomy position . I received my certificate in January and started job hunting then but then this pandemic hit and screwed everything up . I am a great phlebotomist and I have well over 100 draws all good . I am even willing to intern for a few month if need be . I am in the Suffolk county area on Long Island . #jobseeking #jobs

Brianna Luttinen
over 6 months ago

I need a job in Merrillville

My name is Brianna Marie Luttinen, I'm 15 years old and I need a job at a McDonald's in Merrillville, Indiana. I'm a hard worker , a friendly person, great communication skills and I'm abe to work anytime for 20 hours a week for minimum wage, I will work immediately please contact me at my email briannaloot12@gmail.com

Pedro Miguel Pagán-Rivera
6 months ago

Introducing to the Community

Hi everybody. I am Pedro Miguel Pagán-Rivera. I had been almost four years here in the Tampa zone, living with my sister and niece. My situation is this. I am a prepared and experienced web designer, content producer, graphic artist, copywriter and social community manager that had send several resumes and application looking for a job and never receive an interview.

I think that my major problem is my age, 55 years old. In my industry, there are not many opportunities for people like me. Once I went to a Walmart interview and not even there I was selected.

I understand that my English is on a business orally but the real thing is that I can understand it perfectly and can express it very well, with an accent of course but I don't think am the only one with it.

I need a job, maybe not related with my professional area but I do really need a job. Hope someone can help me. Thank you community.

#jobseeking #webdesign #design #contentproducer #graphicdesign