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Amy Blair
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

According to Governor DeSantis, "Florida has over 460,000 online jobs available with the strongest economic conditions in the nation". Where are these jobs Mr. DeSantis? This information was taken from Florida's Department of Unemployment Economics; Florida has gained more than 800,000 private-sector jobs since the beginning of Covid-19. As a person who's position was eliminated due to Covid and have been looking for employment since day 1 but I'm just not seeing these jobs! It's been over a year of applying and networking but I have yet had a single call back or an interview? If I find positions to apply for that's great but most of the online job postings are not relevant to my experience or direct me to a third party site requiring me to sign up just to be able to submit my application/resume rather than allowing me to apply directly with the company. I bring over 20 years of Account Management, Direct to Consumer Sales and Customer Service and Retention experience, I really hope I can find something soon. #joblessinflorida #jobseeking #laidoff #pleasehireme