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Pedro Miguel Pagán-Rivera
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over 6 months ago

Hi everybody. I am Pedro Miguel Pagán-Rivera. I had been almost four years here in the Tampa zone, living with my sister and niece. My situation is this. I am a prepared and experienced web designer, content producer, graphic artist, copywriter and social community manager that had send several resumes and application looking for a job and never receive an interview.

I think that my major problem is my age, 55 years old. In my industry, there are not many opportunities for people like me. Once I went to a Walmart interview and not even there I was selected.

I understand that my English is on a business orally but the real thing is that I can understand it perfectly and can express it very well, with an accent of course but I don't think am the only one with it.

I need a job, maybe not related with my professional area but I do really need a job. Hope someone can help me. Thank you community.

#jobseeking #webdesign #design #contentproducer #graphicdesign