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Irene Rosen
2 months ago

What I loved about working at #Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia was

I enjoyed my whole work experience at the Philadelphia Fed! It rewarded me the ability to go from a clerical worker to a Sr. Programmer/Sr. Auditor. The challenges and work ethics and functional work experience is unmentionable.

Lawrence White
Community Specialist
4 months ago

Are you interested in a Gov't or Fed Job?

#NationWideUSA - Join the staff of the Recruitment Policy and Outreach (RPO) division of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), for an in-depth webinar that provides a step-by-step process for navigating USAJOBS.

Event Details:

Hiring Managers will cover job searching, creating your account/profile, reviewing Job Announcements, applying, and job status.

This session is FREE, however it is limited to 1500 participants. Join us on Monday, March 15, 2021 @ 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Virtual Hiring Tip - Before, during, and after a virtual hiring event

Register today at Navigating USAJOBS - Finding and Applying for Federal Jobs

#USAJOBS #Hiringnews #government #federal #fulltime #NationWideUSA

Mary Beth M.
over 6 months ago

Will federal unemployment be extended through January 2021?

Or is this just a rumor? I think they’re going to restart my state benefits After my next 7 weeks are over with. But I’m hoping they extend federal way past July. I’m sure we all hope that! I can’t seem to find any articles to answer this yet so I thought I’d ask. Edit: Due to some people wanting to bash me for asking this question, I’d like to add that my own father has died this year. Also, for my own child, I am the only living parent and a single mother. I’m afraid to die when my child needs me to live. It’s not hand outs it’s wanting to be safe. Use some sense please. Thanks.
#coronavirus #unemployment #federal

Todd Vaughn
about 1 month ago

I worked at federal Mogul for 24 years and now they are closing in July i have done many jobs in the plant I'm motivated to do anything that I put my mind to work well with many different people very meticulous on how i do my job i like being organized makes the job easier I have no hangups Im at that age that going to work is what needs to be done.