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Lawrence White
Community SpecialistBullet point
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

FEMA is on a hiring spree this season and hosting a series of virtual career information webinars where job seekers and FEMA hiring managers can meet to discuss FEMA career opportunities, organization vision/mission, effective resume writing, networking and more.

Interested? Choose from the list of virtual events below and register yourself to attend these FREE FEMA recruiting events:

Virtual Event Success Tip - How to ace a Zoom interview

See full list of FEMA virtual recruiting events at FEMA Virtual Events - March 2021

Virtual Event Success Tip - Before, during, and after a virtual hiring event

Learn more and find your FEMA career path at Position Types and Hiring Paths at FEMA

Ready to apply? STOP!! Take a look at FEMA Application Guidelines to maximize your application results.

Digital Brand Building Tip - Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired

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Allison Reyes
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over 6 months ago

This past weekend I had a customer order a HAMBURGER, onion rings and a drink. When he got to the pickup window, I repeated the order and he confirmed, paid and went along his way.

Three minutes later I see the same car FLY through the drive thru and pull up right next to the window. He is screaming how there is no cheese on his hamburger!! I explain that hamburgers do not have cheese but I could get him a slice if heโ€™d like. He got so angry that he threw the hamburger at the window! I was so angry and annoyed. How would you have reacted in this situation?!