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Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

Get job fair ready!!!!

If you are attending the [Boston job fair] (https://www.jobcase.com/ulem-boston-job-fair) or others in the near future make sure to check out THESE awesome tips in this [short video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImvXosJg7D4) .

It was made just for you by Jobcase! : )

Have questions? Please ask, we are here to help!

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

Good luck!!!

Wishing everyone who attends the [Boston job fair] (https://www.jobcase.com/ulem-boston-job-fair) today lots of luck and success!

Here are some tips to check out in case you missed them:

-If you're looking for better ways to connect with employers check out [this post] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/9584e7e5-4bc2-5d17-9a69-ae0937aaf305).

-If you're wondering what to wear check out [this post] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/6f6c3028-c553-5d3c-a984-aeeb7b685c01).

-If you want to know what you should bring to the job fair read [this post] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/b94caf77-58de-5f94-867b-20bb32db2e54).

-If you're struggling with your elevator pitch check out [this post] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/dc3493dd-305e-50b8-9c6f-9bfb13ec7e9d).

Remember to breathe, take notes and pass out those resumes.

You have got this!!

Have questions? Please comment and ask, we are happy to help! : )

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

FREE Boston job fair is COMING this week!!

Hey Boston, are you ready?

The job fair is this Thursday, June 6th from 1-4pm at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center!

Find out all the info [here] (https://www.jobcase.com/ulem-boston-job-fair).

NOW is the time to make those final preparations so you are confident and ready to go! Check out these tips to help you prepare for the fair.

-Monday Know the companies you are interested in and research their mission/culture TODAY. Take some time to see what they are all about and jot down some notes! Remember, your pitch should be tailored to what YOU bring to that company based on what they do. They will be impressed! Wondering who will be there? Find out [here] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/35447421-6e61-55be-a3d4-95cee946fa77)

-Monday or Tuesday Print and pack at least 50 copies of your resume and place them in a folder, or notebook and then tuck them away in a bag. You can run to Staples, your local library or print at home. Just make sure your resumes are easily accessible when an employer requests a copy, so you don't have to go digging for it!

-Tuesday Plan to get to the fair on time. Figure out how you will get there and how long it will take with Google maps. Are you sharing a ride, walking, taking the train or a Lyft? Just have your plan in place! If you can, arrive a little bit early (15mins) to calm your nerves and take a lap around the room when the doors open up.

-Wednesday Lay out your clothing the day before. By planning ahead you don’t have to scramble trying to find something in the morning. Also, be sure it's clean and wrinkle-free. Check out some tips on what to wear [here] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/60d77b2f-6640-5331-8816-dca310ec58bf?from=https%253A%252F%252Fwww.jobcase.com%252Fcommunity).

-Wednesday night Go to bed early.*Even if you’re a night owl, put on those pj’s and climb into bed early enough the night before so you get a full 8 hours. You will look rested tomorrow and feel much calmer and more focused.

-Thursday morning Eat a good breakfast. It’s true what they say, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. It will fuel your brain/body first thing and last until lunchtime! When in doubt bring a snack to eat later to help keep you energized!

Also, be sure to practice your pitch a few times that morning. Whether it’s in the shower or on the ride over, say it a few times so you build up that confidence! What will you say in 20-30 seconds to grab that employer’s attention?

Nervous? If you are not sure what to say when you first meet an employer, use a few of these [conversation starters] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/6d46f61d-c53b-5ec5-9d7c-69cc61713f6a) to get things rolling!

Wishing you the best of luck at the job fair this week! : )

Have questions? Please ask!

William Watkins
over 6 months ago

8th Annual Jobs Rebuild Boston Community Conference & Career Fair Employer List:

Current List of Employers as of 6/3/20

  1. Boston University
  2. Building Pathways
  3. People Ready
  4. Wegmans
  5. United States Postal Service
  6. Justice Research Institute
  7. CVS
  8. Bank of America
  9. Eastern Bank
  10. Boston Medical Center Healthnet
  11. Federal Home Loan Bank
  12. WBZ TV 4
  13. Eversource
  14. Keolis
  15. Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
  16. Amazon
  17. Apple
  18. Encore Boston Harbor Casino
  19. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  20. Eliot Community Human Services
  21. Boston Water & Sewer
  22. Judge Rotenberg Educational Center
  23. City of Boston
  24. Mass Hires
  25. Boston Plan for Excellence
  26. Bay Cove
  27. US Census
  28. Commonwealth of Mass
  29. Suffolk County Sherriff Office
  30. Citizens Bank
  31. Enterprise Rental Car
  32. Chestnut Hill Realty
  33. Match Education
  34. Museum of Fine Arts
  35. Comcast
  36. Starbucks
  37. Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
  38. East Boston Savings Bank
  39. Reebok
  40. Children's Hospital
  41. Partners Healthcare
  42. Harvard University
  43. Rafael Hernández School
  44. WeWorks
Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

How to connect to employers

Instead of staying silent during a job fair or interview SPEAK UP and let your voice be heard!

By building a rapport with the employers before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the job it can give you a major competitive edge over other candidates. Plus it will feel more like a friendly conversation which can certainly help calm those nerves. You can also use this information later on when following up.

Remember, these questions are not about you, but about them and the focus on building a connection. Try these out during your next job fair, interview or networking event!

1. It's a pleasure to meet you. How was your weekend (or how has your week been)? This demonstrates to the interviewer that you're confident, proactive, and friendly. Make sure to smile!

2. What was the most pleasantly surprising thing about working here you learned once you were on the job? It's a good idea to keep the conversation focused on the employer and their positive experiences with working at the company.

3. What's the most memorable thing that has happened to you since joining the company? This will show you are a positive person and care about others as well as help you feel out what the culture is like.

4. I read a really great article this morning on the way over here today. Discuss it a little if it connects to the company and if the employer seems interested, continue, if not gracefully move on.

5. What's one of the most interesting projects or opportunities that you've worked on? Employers will love the chance to reflect and respond on what it is they’ve worked on or are currently working on. This will also provide further insight into what they are doing now in the company, as well as give them a chance to talk about their own accomplishments.

6. What is it about (company name) that you love the most? This will tell you what the employer cares about but also what makes the company special.

Remember to keep bringing it back to the interviewer/company and your interest in it!

Good luck : )

Have questions? Please comment I am here to help!

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

Big Boston job fair coming!!

The Boston job fair is COMING up on Thursday, June 6th from 1-4!

If you haven’t already, be sure to [register HERE] (https://www.jobcase.com/ulem-boston-job-fair) so you have the chance to meet and interview with some GREAT companies like Apple and Boston Children's Hospital. Full company list coming soon!

ULEM (Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts) is also offering several FREE career workshops onsite before the event begins to help you stand out and get hired. Be sure to take advantage!

Here are some tips to help you begin preparing for the fair:

More tips coming soon ; ) and we hope to see you in a few weeks at the [Boston job fair] (https://www.jobcase.com/ulem-boston-job-fair)!

Please comment below with any questions

Carlos Alvarado
over 6 months ago

what should i wear

I have an interview coming up. do you think nice dark jeans and a colared shirt works to wear to it? it says semi-casual attire in the email. please advise!!

Esmay Martinez
over 6 months ago

Relocating what to do

I am moving across the country to Mass in a few months. Just wondering what do you do when you are starting over from scratch?

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

If you attended the Boston Job Fair...

Now that the fair is over you might be left wondering, what do I do now?

It's time to follow up!

Following up is a critical aspect of the job seeking process. It does a few things. It lets the employer know you are serious, reminds them of who you are/your qualifications, and keeps the hiring process moving along. So let’s take a look at how following up works.

When- Send the follow up at least 2-3 business days after the event.

Who- You must be sure to reach out to the right person! Whether you jotted the employer’s email address down in a notebook or found it on the website, make sure to reach out directly to the person you spoke to or the hiring manager. By sending it to an individual (and make sure to address it to them) you will avoid it being lost in the shuffle.

How- You can follow up with a call, email, or [thank you card] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/6f8322ea-b3fd-5930-98b9-d8d30b735880). Email is suggested as it’s instant and will give you the proper amount of time to gather your thoughts, however, there is also something wonderfully personal about receiving a handwritten note if you can send it quickly. See what to say in your follow up [HERE] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/3a2695c7-ced7-5bea-af4e-8789f758e97b).

What- Make sure it’s personal. Remember that employers have likely met and spoken to MANY candidates so it’s unlikely they will automatically remember you. If you had a good conversation during the interview, make note of something you discussed and mention it. Perhaps you both went to a certain college or own black labs. It’s all about forging a connection! Also be sure to explain how excited you’d be to work for them. Mention the main reasons why you would be the right person for the job by emphasizing your strengths and capabilities while demonstrating that you are a great fit. Keep it short and straight to the point.

A follow up is a great way to include those final things you may have neglected to mention during the interview or hiring process so make sure not to forget to take the time to do so.

Please comment with any questions!

Happy following up ; )

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

A guide to nailing your interview!

Check out these tips to help you feel prepared and confident so you can land the job during your next interview!

1- Are you dressed to impress? Check out this [great post] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/60d77b2f-6640-5331-8816-dca310ec58bf?from=https%253A%252F%252Fwww.jobcase.com%252Fcommunity) on what to wear during your next interview! Make sure to lay your clean clothes out the night before and check for wrinkles/stains (it happens).

2- What to bring? Write down 3-5 questions you want to ask the employer during the interview in a notebook and pack it with your things, along with a few copies of your resume (just in case). Not sure what to ask? Check out [these] (https://www.themuse.com/advice/51-interview-questions-you-should-be-asking) 50 questions out! Want to know more about the job’s culture? Then [these] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/d98a6946-b042-5278-8899-45b1326fd186) are the questions for you!

3- What will you say? Use these [conversation starters tricks] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/6d46f61d-c53b-5ec5-9d7c-69cc61713f6a) to help you break the ice and fight those potentially awkward silent moments.

4- Did you do your research? Make sure you spend a little time going on the company’s website. Find the specifics of the position you are applying to. Make a list of the skills, knowledge, and professional and personal qualities that are required by the employer and those that are critical for success in the job. Then make another and list all of YOUR qualifications. Draw a line connecting the two that match up. Make it a point to casually highlight these things during the interview. Prove that you are a great fit for them! Also be sure to check out the company’s mission and anything important about them make a note of it. This will help you prepare to answer interview questions about the company should they come up.

5- Did you practice? A few days before, make sure to practice answering some interview questions [such as these] (https://www.themuse.com/advice/how-to-answer-the-31-most-common-interview-questions). This will help give you a chance to prepare and practice, and will also help boost your confidence.

What helps you prep for an interview?