Did you forget to say thank you?!!

This is the week of being thankful, which brings us to the topic of thank you’s! If you have had an interview recently you might be wondering HOW you should thank them. While most people prefer to send an email (which is great), mailing a handwritten note could take your thank you to the next level! Here’s why…

1- Sending a handwritten thank you card delivers a special meaning, which is important if you want to make an impression.

2- Mailing a thank you also provides something they can hold in their hands and look over versus missing it in their already full in box.

3- When a prospective employer receives a thank you note it will help you stand out and set you apart from the other candidates.

4- No need to spend a ton of money to make an impression. Just pick up a box of simple thank you cards in the stationary department at Target, Walmart, or even online. You can also find them at stores such as the Dollar Tree as well!

You should still be sure to send that first thank you email within 24-48 hours, but then follow up with your handwritten thank you that same week. You can even slip your business card inside with your contact information.

Good luck! : )

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