The Boston job fair is ALMOST here!!!


The job fair is coming up NEXT Thursday, June 6th.

Here are some things you should bring with you that day!

-Print and pack at least 50-60 copies of your polished and updated resume. You will want to hand these out to all the employers you are interested in working for. It’s always best to print more than you need than not have enough! Tuck them into a folder for safe keeping and place them in a bag so your hands are free.

-A pencil, pen, and a notebook.
You will want to take notes! They will come in very handy later on when you get home and the whole job fair is a blur. This also will help when following up with the employer! List the company name and what you thought about each one and specific information right after you meet with them. Even jotting down something as simple as, They have great benefits will help jog your memory later on.

-Tuck a package of mints in your pocket or purse.
Then just grab a few throughout the job fair to keep your throat from getting dry and your breath fresh. You will be talking a ton!

-Bring and show off your positive attitude!
Employers LOVE to see smiles and feel a strong handshake. If you’re nervous, take some deep breaths before approaching someone. It’s always better to take a few seconds to calm down so you can show your best self!

Anything else you would bring to a job fair?

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