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Tara Spurrier
over 6 months ago

How do I file for unemployment, being self employed?

When I tried to file unemployment last year I just forgot about it when it said "if you was employed before this time" because at that time I was currently on best rest due to complications in my pregnancy. I also have to file as self employed. I was a caregiver for my grandfather and my aunt that were suffering from cancer. They both have passed away now. And I was doing my house cleaning business, which covid put a stop too. TIA #benefits #advice #covid #eligibility #tennesseeresident #helpme

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Eleana Bowman

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, @Tara Spurrier . Our thoughts are with you and your family. Here is some information about [what to expect from unemployment this year-(https://www.jobcase.com/articles/what-to-expect-from-unemployment-in-2021), it goes into some detail about PUA which is the program that covers self-employed workers. Thanks!

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loretta johnson

You wasnt able to file til august for self employment .you should be able to file now and just ask them if they can backdate it they did mine.but didnt start getting any tile mid jamuary and still aint been regualr or on time amd still havent got all the bacl date on 3 weeks for 2020..hope this helps Renee from ky

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