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Jade Andersen
over 6 months ago

Are you a Small Business Owner Needing Marketing Help?

I recently started a Marketing Consulting business to help small businesses with their marketing. I realize that coronavirus has really hit hard on small businesses, and I'd love the opportunity to help them with my marketing experience. From social media management to website design, I have a passion for helping businesses grow. If you or someone you know needs help marketing their business, let me know! I am offering a FREE 30-minute virtual consultation. I proudly offer affordable, customizable, and virtual one-on-one consulting. Let's start working together today! I can consult for any industry.

Check out www.jyamediaconsulting.com! If you are struggling with the pay, let me know and we can work something out.

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Deborah Crenshaw
over 6 months ago


I am tired of friends and family saying I don't socialize enough u cant make any one change like that unless they have all ways been that way Sometime I feel like I am being bulled into certain situations I have told them this is who I am they wont stop help what should ido

Pallavi Ramu
over 6 months ago

If my state re-opens I will

I am reporting back to work tomorrow as an essential employee in a clinical hospital setting. I am concerned about my future exposure level since I have protected myself from exposure via work from home and keeping outside home trips extremely minimal. I am disheartened by all the individuals who do & did not take the numbers seriously and still continued ignoring social distancing recommendation and keeping social visits frequent. #coronavirus #healthcare #social distancing