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Jade Andersen
over 6 months ago

I recently started a Marketing Consulting business to help small businesses with their marketing. I realize that coronavirus has really hit hard on small businesses, and I'd love the opportunity to help them with my marketing experience. From social media management to website design, I have a passion for helping businesses grow. If you or someone you know needs help marketing their business, let me know! I am offering a FREE 30-minute virtual consultation. I proudly offer affordable, customizable, and virtual one-on-one consulting. Let's start working together today! I can consult for any industry.

Check out www.jyamediaconsulting.com! If you are struggling with the pay, let me know and we can work something out.

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Deanna Briggs
over 6 months ago

This site just kicked off, which is mainly a directory of small businesses in Vermont, impacted by covid-19 of course. If you are an employee or an owner, or have a friend in a small business, encourage them to have their business listed on the site so loyal customers can understand how to support their favorite businesses around the state!


#vermont #smallbusinesses

Ashley Wilson
over 6 months ago

As states start to order businesses to close, here are a few creative ways you can continue to support them within your community.

1- Order takeout Many states are taking precautions by shutting down dine-in for restaurants, but getting a carry-out order or calling for delivery is still a great option if it exists where you live. You don’t have to cook, and the restaurant is still making some money. So check to see if that’s a possibility at your favorite spots.

2- Buy local produce The super grocery stores like Walmart and Whole Foods are doing a great job with keeping up with the high demand, but by shopping at a local independent market you are helping support those workers as well. As a bonus chances are they will be less crowded and therefore fewer germs! Farmers markets are also wonderful if you have them available to you.

3- Purchase gift cards The Coronavirus won’t last forever and by purchasing a gift card to your favorite shop, theater or restaurant it is an immediate way to put cash into that business. Plus you can think of it as a future treat to yourself (bonus)!

4- Be patient In many cases, businesses are working round the clock and at a dramatically reduced capacity. There's a good chance that you'll experience longer waits or find items are out of stock. Many businesses are feeling that struggle with keeping up. When they can't just remember that they're working hard to stay open and serve their community.

How are you supporting your local businesses?

#coronavirus #smallbusinesses