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Samantha Cherry
over 6 months ago

I have a interview at chick-fil-a (assistant manager). I’m currently a assistant manager at my current job so I’m not worried about my duties but I’m worried about my tattoos and piercings. I have no issue wearing long sleeves to cover my tattoos. but am I wasting my time with this company? And aren't sure if they are even LGBTQ friendly.

#interview #management #advice #foodservices #LGBTQ #tattoos #piercings #chick-fil-a #chickfila #wordsofadvice #application

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Shayna Resnick

Your personal beliefs are none of their concern

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Fay de Guzman

There’s one upscale senior facility here in Austin , hired an Asian worker as a server in the dinning , on her application she applied for a server in the dining for the senior residence that lives in the facility and guess what this people ( manager / supervisor ) did to her , they assigned her to do the room service for the 4th floor and 5th floor , then she have to pick up all the empty food trays , go down to the main dining bus all the tables , serve drinks and take all the dirty dishes to the dishwasher and then go to the 2nd floor dining and help serve food to the residence and bus tables and go to the main dining to bus all the tables none stop working without a break then yelled at her telling her to go to the 2nd floor to bus the tables and go down to the main dining and clean all the tables and take all dirty dishes to the dishwasher, up and down till they finished serving the dinner . After that she have to helped clean the kitchen and start prepping the main dining for breakfast for 5 hours none stop work up and down two dining’s with no break at all ! They treated her so bad , slaving her up and down busting her behind being a bus person when she applied to be a server not a bus person without a break , what can you say about that ? Is that discrimination or what ? She finally decided to quit for it’s a lot of work without a break at all ! The manager even asked her to be a dishwasher but she just ignored the manager and didn’t do it . What can you guys say about that , is that fair or what ?

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