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Ajay A.
over 6 months ago

working at PSEG (NJ) Is anyone a current (or former) employee at any of PSEG's NJ locations?

Is anyone a current (or former) employee at any of PSEG's NJ locations? I've tried many times, each on separate occasions, applying to several positions, the most recent one being a project manager position, and being rejected. I have (2) years worth of management experience and (2) college degrees. Are they really particular about who they hire there because I know of some former classmates who work there and these folks were not even good students (i.e. copying other peoples' homework, cheating on exams, etc.). #jobsearch #jobhunt #newjersey #njjobs

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Lenin Pina

Hi @Ajay A. , I never worker with PSEG but I'm a little familiar with the hiring practices and culture within Service Energy, Utility and Telecommunication companies. Leadership positions are usually hired from within among these organizations. Networking and persistence is key of you want to secure a Management role.

Are you still in contact with your classmates who work for the company? Reach out to them and ask for a direct referral. These companies like to offer Referral Bonus incentives to employee's who recruit new candidates that get hired. The bonus $$ is typically attractive $$.

Don't be afraid to use social media to connect with inside employees as well. Check out the company career page and find out how long your application remains on file so you know when you can re-apply for the same position. Also, look for lower level job options within the same department or area of interest as career progression opportunities are common within these workplace cultures.

Are you exploring other companies? What other employers are on your top 3 employers lists?

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