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Daria Zaitseva
Bullet point
5 months ago

Sounds plain? Sorry, Chris Grosser, but that’s right. But as a matter of fact, easy things always come out hard.

What is an opportunity itself for you? We all have our own definitions, but the fact that it is something new, sometimes hard, and usually out of our comfort zone remains unchanged.

First thing first, do you believe in fate? Because opportunities don’t. The truth is that the world doesn't revolve around you. And to answer the question "How do you get that opportunity?" I will use a simple thing again: work. Work on your goals, on your development and broaden your horizons- that’s how you can pluck the star from the sky.

As a year ago I wouldn’t even dream of getting the job I have today. Am I an owner of something? Not at all. Do I run some business? Nothing could be further from the truth. Regardless, I do appreciate the opportunity I have today a lot. Praising what you have today is essential we all forget about.

So let’s create new opportunities and praise them together! Tell me more about yourself/ your occupation in the comments⬇️ I go first

#inspiration #wordsofadvice #software #IT #opportunity #hardship #jobsearch #motivation

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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of JobcaseBullet point
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
over 6 months ago

I am a huge fan of Denzel Washington. Recently saw this clip and loved it! Check it out, then "see u at work"


#inspiration #ease #hardship #progress

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