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Colleen Method
over 6 months ago

Advice Needed or an idea or two

My question is - how would you describe the term Library Assistant when looking for a job - even outside the library world?

I'm asking because I am out of ideas on what to look for in a job with my skill sets in play. :) So I don't cookie cutter myself into one field alone.

I'll be working with a vocational rehabilitation job coach soon so just wanted some terms to share with them. (Hint for my friends with autism - they do work in many places in the country for free.) Many states have them under different names though.

Thanks in advance.

Colleen #termination #autism

Mike Grauer Jr
over 6 months ago

Workers with Autism/Aspergers

We need a group for people like us with Autism, the entire spectrum. I have noticed how many of us have a extremely hard time getting work and even harder to get decent work. Then keeping that work. Not just me. See it all over the place. All a lot of us get regardless of our talents or skills are low wage labor jobs. Even if we have talents and skills and an education.

#Autism #Aspergers #ASD #aspie #supportgroup #support #employmenthelp

Marilyn Manson
over 6 months ago


Does a anyone know of employers willing to hire Persons on the autism spectrum in Woodbridge area? #highschoolagraduate #partime #fulltime

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