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Michael Carvalho
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3 months ago

🤖 Let's talk about the impact of AI on the job searching process! 🚀

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we search for jobs, from resume screening to personalized job recommendations. 🌟 How has AI changed your job search experience? Have you noticed any benefits or challenges in using AI-driven tools and platforms?

Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments below! Let's explore together how AI is shaping the future of job searching and recruitment. 🤝

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Terry Larson
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over 6 months ago

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steven Hawkings, Larry Page have all been warming of the disruption that is headed our way as Ai technology ( self programable robotics, deep learning, Robotics that write and improve their on code, etc) start to show up in various industries. These systems replace people, they don’t create jobs. Cases in point are self driving cars, soon to be introduced in China on test ( self flying helicopter for commuters); a new hotel in Japan thT is manned by Robots at the reception desk, Robot Concierge Services , Robots who deliver you luggage to your room, book tickets, call a cab for you, deliver your food to your room etc. sound like science fiction? No, it is in opporation today in the Nagasaki area. The owner of the hotels goal, 90% of the hotel run by robotics . Case in Point: the music Industry. People who use to write Nd compose music for commercials, electronic games, and Movies are slowly being put out of business. Go on the internet and learn about the new Ai composers. ( Sony is developing one, a new startup company in England has an Ai composer it developed which has three albums out, and won two awards for best composition in their industry. Their is Googles Ai “Brain” modern day HAL. There is “Watson”. IBM’s Ai system which is being loaded with millions off medical scans from diseases patients, millions of medical technical articles about diseases, etc. Right now it is far outperforming doctors to make a diagnosis on a patient , some of the fields in business management may soon be under attack in the areas of accounting and financial control, managing all warehouse and inventory functions, etc. what Musk is afraid of is Ai is now being developed for military applications and soon police applications. Elon Musk feels we need a Worldwide group formed quickly to oversee this technology . What are your thoughts on the future of Ai in the workplace? How can someone be trained to adapt to this business trend that will soon be found in ever increasing use? What types of courses should people be taking? What training is available ? As some of the key people building these new systems state. “ One Ai Robot Replaces 5 Human workers ( they do not create jobs”. Like to hear from the group your thoughts on this.