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Johnny Wright
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So after being unemployed for 2 months and reaching out to numerous recruiters, blasting out applications to everyone, and creating tailored resumes for every job I've applied to only to hear a no, I've decide that enough is enough and I'm going to have to blaze my own path. I was looking for a job in finance just to get something but wanted to transition into technology. Since there is no one that to provide any useable advice or wants you to pay them to be a mentor/career advice giver, I've given up going those normal routes. I'm going to continue to search for a job on my own, but I'm not going to depend on anyone helping me. While I'm doing that, I'm in the process of starting to learn what tech companies/start ups are looking for, starting with learning python. It will not be an easy road, but it beats sitting at home and miserable and not doing anything about the problem. You cannot depend on any of these job sites to really help you (not even LinkedIn) unless you want to pay loads of money for nothing. The other thing I see is a lot of these so called recruiters taking advantage of people in desperate situations during this time and either taking their money or offering jobs that will end up leaving them stuck or skillless. I see the value of having a head hunter, but in a pandemic, that seems like waste.

All this to say that I am blazing my own path. I have the intelligence and drive to learn what I need to learn and figure out what I need to learn. If anyone would like to help or provide any useful advice, I'm open to it. I'll even share my resume as I do still need to make a living. But for now, I've given up following the traditional "listicle" advice that's on every job site or search result on Google. It is time I do something about my situation even during a pandemic/race war. As an African American male, I have never been given any opportunity, despite having a bachelors degree in economics and on the path to finishing a master. I have had to fight for every opportunity when I was employed in finance. So why should I expect it to stop now? #unemployed #jobsearch #motivation #coronavirus #mentor #networking #finance #technology #workfromhome #unemployment

about 4 years ago
Marie Jones
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Go get em my brother may GOD be with you!!!!