I filled out a application for a warehouse supervisor position. And about 2 or 3 days later this lady emails me. She said that she had a position for a warehouse supervisor/management position told me the hours of be working and that there was a 400 dollar sign on bonus, she asked if I was okay with that. And if it was okay and the higher ups approved she would send me a employment agreement letter. Sure enough 4 or 5 days later, I get a email... see more

Do you actually know of any warehouse position that the starting pay is 87K yearly let alone receive a 29K raise... see more

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In January as hiring speeds up again - labor market ‘astounding’ 225,000 jobs. The numbers: The U.S. created a robust 225,000 new jobs in January to get off to a good start in 2020, reflecting surprising resilience in the labor market even though manufacturing has contracted and the economy has softened.

The rise in jobs is hopeful Steven Ransom but workers are still concerned about the low number of livable wage... see more

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Here's an article I read a few months back:
The Raise the Wage Act of 2019 would raise the federal minimum wage to... see more

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There’s this “company” called “Executive Personnel Group” that I applied for a couple days ago on Indeed. I read the job description and everything seemed legit until I started picking up on things. First off, the first email that was sent out was wayyyyy too wordy and too detailed and the words that were being used and the grammar was completely off and unprofessional. So that was my first red flag, (I still played along cause I wanted to see... see more

You're not alone. They are imitating companies and their job posts. I saw a red flag when I hit reply and the... see more

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If you come across a company called United Health Group and or a person going by the name Rachel Lindberger they will ask you to download Google Hangouts and go through the motions of an interview, offer you a job that sounds too good to be true, it's a scam! Do not give them any personal information! They got me for over $3000 in new iPhones from Verizon. Luckily the fraud department caught it in time to cancel the order and resecure my account... see more

oh wow! thats crazy! thanks Lisa!

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Guys, PLEASE be aware of applying for jobs and getting emails about downloading Google Hangout to speak with the Recruiters! Those are scammers and they are personally telling you to do these tasks to get your information. I just ran into this situation not to long ago and thought I should give you guys a heads up so that you are AWARE of these people. BE CAREFUL!

Thanks Jessica

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Hello Jessica Mitchell, Thank you for Sharing us we all Members of JOBCASE about all these Scrammers online Claimed to be Recuiters. Once again Thanks for Sharing.

Happy New Year 2020 To We All Members of JOBCASE. Thanks you So Much Mr Lehin Pina for your Replied.

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I received a text message yesterday from an unknown number saying that they had just received my resume from Careerbuilder and if I was interested in a job, to respond. Curious, I said yes, they said I needed to talk to their HR person through Google Hangouts, so I agreed (though I was thinking it was odd).

The guy said he was with Houzz (which is a legitimate company) and we could do an interview through Hangouts (which again I thought was... see more

It happened to me and a couple of my friends, it is the same person.
But the part what I don’t get is : they get to... see more

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Also be aware of emails that offer you a job and they only communicate thru email. They give you a start date and do not even identify who they are. Then I received a text on my cell phone. For some reason my spam folder did not catch it

Hey Kerrie Melton , thanks for the feedback and heads up. Please don't forget to use the 'Report' option in on... see more

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Does anyone have experience with Online Team Builders? Are they a legit work from home company? They contacting me for an interview and I am trying to find as much information on them as possible. Thanks for your help.


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Charles James Jr. nice meeting you and how are you doing ?

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If anyone wants to pay to subscribe to Resume Coach to create so called resume templates, don't do it because it is a scam. Once you pay for the service, you'll get a nice little return message from Emma at Resume Coach. Then you sign on with your password and begin to anticipate the different resume templates to create a custom designed resume. Ok, that's great. But the problem is not that you cannot enter all the information, but when it comes... see more

Hi Karen, I just signed up for the following basic membership :
Membership type: 14 Days Basic
Amount paid: USD... see more

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There seems to be a new trend cropping up lately on Jobcase. In the past week I have seen no fewer the six people inquiring about envelope stuffing jobs.

For those not in the know, this type of work is promised by companies as a work-from-home opportunity simply making money to mail out advertisements.

The question begs to be asked though; Why would a legitimate business want to pay humans to stuff envelopes when they have automated machines... see more


Thanks for the information. Peace, have a good day.

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