Interview question about previous job

What are some great reasons to give as to why you left or leaving your previous job? I always feel my answers are not up to par for the interviewer. Even when filling out an application I can't seem to come up with a great answer as to why I am leaving or left the job. Any clever ideas are welcome.

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such and such company contacted me with an offer of less hours and more pay

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Drama at #KFC

I treated them with respect.

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Drama at #BrothersHardware

Honestly I am not aware of anyone getting angry with me at any time. If they did I would ask why and try to work it out.

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What I loved working at #Thewildspot

I love everything about that job the castermer so happy... me gustaba todo de ese trabajo en a tender a los clientes y ver los clientes satifactorio con la mercansia y por ser tan buen atendidos

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Finding employers who WILL HIRE

The main thing that’s upsetting me is the fact that I’ve been trying to find a job, I’ve went to interviews and filled out applications for just about everything you can think of. And most of these jobs in the description are saying they’d like someone with experience. But they’ll take and train someone without experience. My biggest question to employers is, “how do you begin to gain experience in construction, welding, fencing, sales…


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Remember to "Send Thank you letter for interview"

I learned that one from a career coach. Send out Thank you for interviewing me letter, a couple days later after interview. It helps let them know your still interested and if you weren't the fit for the position now who knows about later.

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Yes i agree it is always appropriate to send out a thank you response, because something good just might happen.

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Drama at #Americangroup

Mostly customers don't speak English and I can't understand arbic language..

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What I loved working at #BrothersHardware

It was close to my home and it was very clean compared to some hardware stores. Brothers Hardware is actually an Ace Hardware store,

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