I had an interview on Thursday at 1:30 and it lasted for about 1 hour. I get a call later that same day at 5:10 and was offered the job. The gal on the phone said she will email me the offer letter and orientation would be next week on Tuesday or Wednesday. I have not received an email yet. Should I call to follow up on Monday?
Oh and get this... I received a call from someone who said they were from unemployment office and wanted to verify a few... see more

It's okay to give the birth month and date but not your year. They can get around that it, if it's an agency... see more

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If you think you nailed that interview or the recruiter said, Keep in touch, don't just sit and wait for the phone to ring with a job offer. Instead, be proactive. There are things you should do after a job interview that can increase the odds of getting a second interview or landing a job offer.

Learn the best way to follow up after a job interview. Following-up after a job interview is one of the smartest things you can do to help get you... see more

Yes, I always do this and I think it is just a polite way to keep the door open.

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Please forgive me if I keep coming off negative but does anyone else feel like they have to keep starting from the bottom? I had two layoffs in the last two years and I don’t want a “foot in the door” job. I have viable, transferable skills, and I keep getting bull recommendations for receptionists or jobs that are totally outside of my skill scope. I have a degree. I have years of experience and ready to keep growing. Is anyone else having/had... see more

I have applied for many jobs in social work....20 years experience. I get interviews but no job. It's... see more

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The recruiter I was working with had set up an interview for me today with a local company. The interview was quick (about 30 minutes) and the person barely asked me any questions about my work history. She then turned to me and said that she would be training me, but that she would be out most of next week? She also told me that she doesn't work well with other women and gave me a strange look. The company mostly had men working there with... see more

You do NOT want to work there- it would be hell!

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Went yesterday for interview time was 9 to 6 and they closed 5 pm and asked me to come tomorrow 10am, I reached there 10am there was no one and written on door 1pm start very difficult for me to go and come back, very unprofessional.

Be glad you found out before you might have been hired. This sounds like a business to avoid- likely no... see more

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Wana work, fast learner

I see that you are eager to get back working . Have you ever thought about working in Wholesales ? Would... see more

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It's truly amazing that you can have a perfect driving history. Never miss a day at work but fail a single random drug test and basically find yourself unemployable in the trucking industry.
This happened to me. Lost my job. Immediately completed the DOT SAP requirements and passed a second test within 30 days but no one will hire me during to stick company policies.
I'm in northern California. Looks like I will have to change careers just to put... see more

Sure would

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looking for a job as a bartender or food and beverage


Congratulation on being a College grad, I bet you are wondering how you're going to pay off the debt you own... see more

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Are you tired of working a 9-5 job? well so was i until i stumbled across this same link an clicked on it. Took the time to look over the site an decided from then i was sick of working long hours making someone else richer while i sat wondering how i would make it tell next payday.. I will say them days are over. I make my hours. I decide when enough is enough an so can you .click on the link below an come join the freedom of life, of having... see more

Still employed full time. But always browsing for something better. That’ll help with the cost of living increase

Gardeners Job United States

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