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Nuhu Maiyaki > All Jobcasers
5 minutes ago


what is jobcase all about

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Tonya Fondren
1 minute ago

Some rude people's which I'm trying to deactivated this account!

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A fellow Jobcaser > All Jobcasers
5 days ago


Last week I went to a hiring event for a security and only four people's show up well I have five year's of security experience/consumer service experience everything went great the young lady at the event she hiring people's she stated she will be firing people's and that she do have part-time opening and full-time now she ask ask everyone what day we can come into the office and the time I said Tuesday at 10 am that day I arrive a hour early...

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Rc Schaer
about 1 hour ago

Yes report it as far as calling I would start with osha they should be able to get u in contact with the right people if u let...

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Maureen Hilderbrand
3 minutes ago

OSHA has nothing to do with discrimination. EEOC does, and as this person never got the job. This is different, he needs to...

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Myra Pangilinan > All Jobcasers
4 minutes ago

data entry clerk


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Just feel like giving up

So I just turned 18 and my dad told me to get a job or get out so out of fear of getting kicked out of the house I threw myself out there in the job field and it seems like no one wants to take me. I’ve applied everywhere, Walmart, goodwill, factories, retail, restaurants, fast foods, you name it. It’s been now two months and I’m forced out the house, now living with my boyfriend, struggling to help put food on the table or keep a roof over...

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Maureen Hilderbrand
5 minutes ago

So did you have a plan before your dad made his statement? What had you planned on doing with your life? Just applying here...

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Emalyn Quinan > All Jobcasers
8 minutes ago

Is it possible

I'm a Filipino currently located at Metro Manila Philippines. I've been applying online in many job sites for some weeks now. And hoping that I can found a company or any job who's help me to move in the U. S. A. I've got some calls and emails for interviewing me personally but when they found out that I'm still here in Philippines they're backing. Is it possible to found what I'm needing?

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I just can't take it anymore. I just had my 3rd job offer pulled due to credit. I have interviewed many times and every time I beat the odds and start the background process the job falls through every time. I've had it. I'm done.

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William Landry
11 minutes ago

Sad, I filed bankruptcy. Haven't had one interview

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Wortham Janice > All Jobcasers
16 minutes ago

Background checks

What are the new laws pertaining to background checks. Is it 7 or 10 years most states go back? Does it depend on the job you apply for? Alot of applications don't even have the box to check if you've been convicted of a felony.

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Follow up from my earlier post

A while back I posted about receiving a job offer on Monday and by Tuesday, I received an email stating that they were taking the hiring process in a different direction. Since then, I have been averaging 8 interviews per week, either face to face or phone. I had three interviews last week, all with promising results. I heard from one yesterday, stating that the client was looking for someone with more experience in the jurisdiction (this...

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Shannen Casey
Edited 22 minutes ago

What do you make in an average week doing uber eats if you do t mind me asking and do you believe you would make more as an...

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After 32 weeks being out of work I landed a job. It's a related field and I'm able to stay enrolled in my IT classes to get certifications. The job was originally through a temp agency that was paying $17/hr, but the hired me directly at $19.23/hr. I was making $20 my last position. I'm just glad and relieved it's over. And it feels odd finally being on this side after 33 interviews of being on the other side.

All I can say for those...

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lucia jordan
Edited 25 minutes ago

oh Im sorry

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Steven Jones > All Jobcasers
Edited 21 days ago


I have been told by several people in different fields of employment, that I should be in management. I however, don't want the responsibility. I'm willing to step up when there is a need for that or assist my management or leads to see that things go as they should for a productive business outcome. I don't like to complain, because I have to be honest with myself. I'm a natural leader. I lead by example. I make sound and positive decisions,...

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Lakeasha Johnson
about 1 hour ago

Rule #1: Never settle.
Rule #2: Don't get comfortable. Know that settling is not your place. Get out of your comfort zone...

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Steven Jones
39 minutes ago

Thanks Lakeasha.

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