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Resume confusion

My resume has been reinvented since August 2016. I have even had a professional look it over and totally change the format to combination style for a better cast of skills. I am truthfully not a big cover letter writer but I have really good experience. Why is no one biting. I am so confused.

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Matthew Liptak
2 minutes ago

Domanique, I can assist -

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I have been out of work for 7 years due to a disability I was in health care I'm older and have a big gap in my resume I need a job bad I can't live on disability

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bill carter
6 minutes ago

Sorry to here that

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Why me

I was terminated because I cooked lunch in the kitchen at work. It was a fully functional kitchen and I was terminated because I wanted to sit and eat lunch with the rest of the staff. The same man who went and told on me was the same one made because I would not engage in any outside relationships with him. There is nothing in the handbook saying we could not use the kitchen and my immediate supervisor gave me the okay to use it. Now I...

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Omumu Elizabeth
about 1 hour ago

God will judge dem

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Tavani Page > All Jobcasers
2 days ago

I just want to stay in my field!!!!!

I’m a phlebotomist! I’ve been in my field for almost two years now and I can’t find a good job anywhere! I’ve applied to plenty of places. I even got my fiend hired on at a company as a phlebotomist and she’s progressed more than I have with less experience! I’m frustrated at this point because I live in the DFW area it shouldn’t be this hard, but it most definitely is. I’m begging anyone for advice!

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elizabeth mies
about 5 hours ago

America has turned ugly and aployptic and the americans have turned mean and evil you cant get help anymore from people like...

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Kathy Fox > Delta Network
1 day ago

My parents both laughed at me...

My parents laughed at me when I said I was going to work for Delta. They told me that being a flight attendant wasn’t a real job. So while they sit at their office desks every day with their real jobs, I get views like this at my fake one.

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Beverly Burdette
28 minutes ago

I am not looking for a flight attendant job. I passed the age limit some time back.

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rosemary whitaker > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

Toys R S

So sorry. many have gotten all caught up with the fact that Toys R S is closing but haven't stopped to think how this closing will impact all of the employees. Sad

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Lori Mueller
29 minutes ago

Now that they are closing, and so many other stores, it's going to get even harder for those without jobs to find one. Now,...

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Chandan Kumar > All Jobcasers
about 2 hours ago

We search jobs in Office Assistant USA,Can you help me .

My self chandan kumar i'm form India,i have 6 years working experiences.
We working with largest firm in oman
I worked as a Office Assistant .
Committed and motivated Office Assistant with exceptional customer service and decision making skills, Strong work ethic, professional demeanor, and great initiative, Proficient at quickly learning new procedures and taking ownership of diverse projects.


• Typing and...

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Tom bosenko
about 1 hour ago

drop your email

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Chandan Kumar
42 minutes ago


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Drama at #OyoStateMinistryOfEnivronmentandWaterResources

When I missed work for some days, reason known to Director but not know to assitant Director. Assistant got angry because he thought I didn't inform anyone.

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AAMIRI NAYEEM > All Jobcasers
about 1 hour ago

My job position Weight Room or Digestion

I have 4years in saudi Arabia
Company Name Al Amir lab

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Marquita Kelly > All Jobcasers
Edited about 6 hours ago

I need a job

Hey im 15 going on 16 with a 6 going on 7 month old son. I applied for 2 jobs and they never emailed me back they said they needed people with more experience, but im tryna better myself for my son. I'm even willing to move into a small apartment for the both of us it's just hard someone please help me. I live in Augusta Georgia #teenjobs #youngmother #singleparent

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Twin Zay
about 5 hours ago

I had my first and now oldest child at the age you are now. I did what you are talking about. Have to play grown now you have...

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Twin Zay
about 1 hour ago

That's where you should be. No more what stay with that. That's one thing that no one can take from you. Education! The more...

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