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"Perhaps the primary reason why I wanted to work at Jobcase is because it places a significant emphasis on recruiting talented people. Just a simple walk through our office will reveal alumni from MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and just about any prestigious university you can think of. We may be a small start-up, but the sheer amount of talent here is huge. What’s more, the company culture here is one of mutual respect and admiration. Our suggestions are listened to, and our work is truly valued."

"Working with a small company means that my work has immediate impact. I’m not just confined to a specific role and asked to do the same work everyday; instead, I get to work on new, exciting, and interesting problems. I don’t have to pick and choose my interests, because they’re all here: machine learning algorithms, big data analytics, and large scale engineering. No two days are alike here, which is why I’ve been with Jobcase for so long."

"It’s exciting to see our company grow so rapidly. It represents that what we’re doing here truly matters; that there are people out there whose lives are changing because we’re connecting them with the careers they’ve been looking for."

- Ajay
Sr. Sofware Engineer
Univ South Florida

"For me, choosing to work at Jobcase was an easy decision. While I earned an undergraduate degree in art history at Harvard, I’ve always been intrigued by the growth and challenges presented by digital marketing. Many organizations talk about the importance of relevant content: the idea of “the right message to the right person at the right time.” It’s something that everyone in the industry is attempting to pursue, but here at Jobcase, we’re actually practicing it and improving upon it every day."

"Working at Jobcase has allowed me to diversify my skillset in ways that actually impact the business. In my current role, I’m honing both my business development and database marketing skills. It’s the kind of growth that I just wasn’t experiencing at other companies I’ve worked for."

"Jobcase leverages the most cutting edge technologies and tools, but our success is also about the people. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by individuals who are so passionate about the company that they won’t stop working until a problem is solved. Each member of Jobcase is empowered to significantly contribute to the company’s overall success, which is challenging and exciting opportunity."

"I also enjoy coming to work for a company where there’s so much mentorship potential. Everyone who is senior at Jobcase has had a wealth of experience in different industries. Having access to such talented minds means that I’m being given the kind of constructive feedback that accelerates my own career growth."

"I’m not sure where my future career path will lead, but working at Jobcase has ensured that I’m prepared for whatever’s down the road."

- Gabriela
Quantitative Data Analyst

"I graduated Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Decision Science, which usually has the kind of trajectory that leads to a job in finance. But over the course of my career, I’ve been able to take the road less traveled, which has led me to Jobcase. I’ve found that I’ve been able to leverage the same skills, but in an environment where every decision I make has a direct impact on the bottom line. This company has given me the chance to combine my love of data with the ability to work in a role where I’m really helping people."

"Not only do I get to directly experience the impact of my work at Jobcase, but it’s also conducted at a lightning-fast pace. I come from a background of marketing research, which can often have slow turnaround times. But here at Jobcase, you can have an idea, test it, and get an answer that very same day. That’s what makes working here so challenging, yet exciting; it’s a big data analytics company that delivers real-world results in mere minutes. The better you understand the data you’re working with, the more likely it is that you can figure out the story behind it."

"Working with Jobcase has opened up a new way of thinking as to how I can help my customers. In traditional marketing jobs, we can get so focused on making one more sale that it’s easy to lose sight of who you’re really serving. It’s so much more compelling to work in the job tech/ad tech industry, because it’s our job to take the data to deliver relevant content to our users. We’re not just providing them with job listings; we’re matching the right job to the right person, on the right device, and at the right time."

"I enjoy working at Jobcase because ad tech is an explosive field with a lot of opportunities that people haven’t explored. It’s a cutting-edge place to be, especially because we deal with web traffic optimization, which can have massive arbitrage plays, plus the ability to leverage programmatic buying in RTB networks. But in the same sense, it’s also more rewarding because you’re actually helping people find jobs. There’s a real benefit and a real goal to what we’re all doing, and I couldn’t imagine a better company to do it."

- James
Sr. Marketing Analyst
Carnegie Mellon

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