Stronger Together.

When workers, employers, governments, and nonprofits collaborate, we can build the workforce of the future—together.


Jobcase Cares partners with nonprofits and government organizations who share our mission to empower workers. Our powerful technology helps them to enhance their impact and create better outcomes for the communities they serve.

Partnership Highlights

West Virginia and Jobcase: Stronger Together

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Chicago Urban League and Jobcase: A partnership for the

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5 Easy Ways to Tailor Job Ads to Attract the Right Candidates: with JobTarget

Attracting talent to your job advertisement seems simple, but attracting the right people to the right job at the right time is where the partnership of smart technology and human intervention shine. Here are 5 easy ways to target niche talent and reach them effectively through your job ads.

Read JobTarget’s 5 Easy Ways to Tailor Job Ads to Attract the Right Candidates here. 

Spreading opportunity in West Virginia

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice and Jobcase announced a public-private partnership to connect job seekers and companies in West Virginia. This collaboration will help West Virginia retain workers, expand its employment base, and invite more people and businesses to live and work in The Mountain State.

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Getting Rhode Islanders back to work

Former Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo announced an ambitious Back to Work RI initiative, and Jobcase proudly collaborated with the RI Department of Labor and Training to help bring it to life. This training and employment program aims to help hourly or low-wage workers impacted the most by the pandemic.

Rhode Islanders are encouraged to:

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Helping Workers Without a Degree Tear the Paper Ceiling

There’s a flaw in the labor market that holds back skilled applicants – when nearly 70% of new jobs insist on a bachelor’s degree but fewer than 50% of workers have one. 70+ million people in America hit that paper ceiling. Jobcase is proud to be part of the Tear the Paper Ceiling project, and we support those workers with experience, skills and diverse perspectives who are limited by no degree, stereotypes, and misconceptions.

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Worker Advocacy

Jobcase Survey Confirms Recent Interest in Unions

Jobcase Survey Confirms Recent Interest in Unions

After decades of declining union membership, there is now an increase in considering unions among non-union U.S. skilled and hourly workers. Jobcase actively examines worker activity and unions in order to foster a better and more collaborative future of work – where workers are valued and good employers are recognized.

Check out our Union Survey results here.

Jobcase Report Reveals Critical Gaps for Workers

Jobcase Report Reveals Critical Gaps for Workers

America@Work: 2022 Report on the American Workforce surveyed 4,000 American hourly and skilled-based employees, providing an in-depth look at the state of the American worker. Amidst inflation and recession fears, Jobcase is dedicated to advocating for a better future for workers. As Fred Goff, co-founder & CEO of Jobcase puts it, doing so “will benefit employers in the long-run every bit as much as it will benefit employees.”

Read our America@Work report here.

Jobcase Holiday Customer Treatment Report Finds Some Concerning Trends

Jobcase Holiday Customer Treatment Report Finds Some Concerning Trends

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, but for one group of workers, it’s more true than ever. Jobcase asked 615 workers in customer-facing roles and found some concerning trends.

Check our our Holiday Customer Treatment Report here.

Thought Leadership

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