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Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
5 months ago

I am thinking about YOUR family

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Memorial Day weekend isn't just about picnics and the unofficial start to summer. It's about loss and honoring those losses.

My heart goes out this coming long weekend (and always) to families and friends who have lost loved ones while they served. I am thinking of you while also remembering my Uncle who I lost several years ago.

...and to all those who serve, thank you.

Who will YOU remember this Memorial Day?

#motivation #MemorialDay #holiday #neverforget #family #payitforward #veterans #thankful

Keith Hackett Jr
over 6 months ago

Someone helped me during the pandemic when they

I was about to go into a small food market but I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten my mask - so a guy inside a car in front of the store had an extra & let me have it. Forget to mention, it was raining pretty hard at that moment- so that was Super Nice of him to offer that. #KindnessisBlindless #PayitForward

Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

Business owner offers burglar a JOB! What??!

A forgiving business owner Carl Wallace made the decision after a man broke into his Diablo’s Southwest Grill in Georgia, to not press charges against a burglar who broke into his restaurant.

Instead, he offered him a job!

Shortly after 4am on Easter Saturday – which also happened to be Mr Wallace’s 45th birthday the man broke in and video surveillance captured the act. Ironically he didn't even end up stealing anything, but did make quite a mess.

The owner posted photos of the break in on social media along with his phone number asking the burglar to contact him and "Swing by for a job application."

Other owners had videos of the burglar doing similar things to their businesses and they decided rather than punish him to help him find his career path because being a burglar certainly wasn't his calling. "Let's end this cycle and help each other."

Would you offer someone a job who broke into your business or one where you worked?

#payitforward #Georgia #jobsearch #motivation