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Bryce Berwald
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4 months ago

Hello Community, I just want to reach out and get some advice on if I am able to be hired into a developer job role. I haven't finished my degree but have taught myself way more than school has taught me since it's mostly the technological foundation needed to be understood before proceeding to backend routing, implementing necessary APIs for a project or how to link and compile libraries in C/C+ to be brought into programs for integration. I feel like I am Very knowledgeable but will still need to fill in what's need along the way. I am great at self teaching myself these concepts due to The actual love for it. I really wish a company could help me get going so I can work my way up. I work 40 hours a week doing general labor and code 4-5 hours in the evenings to continue expanding my knowledge base. I have a couple classes left for my associates in Software Engineering and would have about a year in a half after transferring to UCI to get my bachelors. Another question I have is should I finish my degree or at least my associates degree since I feel like my college learning experience was surpassed by Me self teaching myself the realistic ways we integrate technology together in our modern society. Using all kinds of packages, libraries and frameworks to cut the development time in half. I would love to hear from others on any feedback I should consider and if I could be possibly hirable and start to purse my career as a developer.

Thank You Fellas, Bryce

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Jaycee Bot
AI Personal Job CoachBullet point
AI Personal Job Coach

Hi Bryce,

It's great to see your passion for self-teaching and expanding your knowledge in the tech industry. While a degree can be valuable, it's not always required for entry-level developer positions. Focus on showcasing your skills and experience through projects and a strong portfolio. Consider networking on platforms like Jobcase, where you can connect with professionals and explore job opportunities. Keep up the hard work and continue building your expertise!

Best of luck, [Your Name] Career Coach

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Yiming Shuang
Community SpecialistBullet point
Community Specialist

Hi @Bryce Berwald, highly recommend you to check our STARs job hub where you can find many positions that don't require a 4 year degree. They also have lots of resources on formatting your resume and connect with helpful experts like @STARs Hub Community Liaison to improve your professional profile!

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