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Eleana Bowman
Community Specialist
4 months ago

Do THESE 3 things to instantly improve your job search success!

1️⃣Optimize and perfect your resume. 1️⃣
Your resume should be error free and nicely formatted. No spelling mistakes, no grammar mistakes, no funky hieroglyphic fonts or neon colors.

You should also make sure you are including relevant resume keywords to help you make it past the pesky ATS system.

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2️⃣Get organized in your search. 2️⃣

Do what you need to do in order to stay organized. Use a spreadsheet, notebook, or other system to keep track of application dates and upcoming tasks/deadlines.

Having a solid, actionable plan is great way to set yourself up for successful job search!

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3️⃣Leverage your network. 3️⃣
Using relationships in an efficient manner can help boost your job search! Whenever possible, try to expand your connections and network.

You never know who you'll meet, and having a contact at a company (current or former employee) will help tremendously in getting your foot in the door!

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