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Jeff Magnuson, MBA
over 6 months ago

Keep Job Searching Until You Sign an Offer Letter/Contract

Your time, especially during a job search, is incredibly valuable. If you have job searched, especially in the last few years, you know the whole process can take several weeks, or more.

What you may or may not have experienced is having a company completely disappear on you, even after making a verbal offer.

While this is relatively rare, you do not want to be on the receiving end of this unprofessional behavior. In fact, you don’t EVER want to let ANY time slip away waiting on anyone during your job search.

The simple solution is to just remember that until you have put pen to paper for a role, you’re not done.

Do what is in your control and keep job searching until an offer is presented in writing.

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Donald Brown
over 6 months ago

Ageism in the workplace

I've been a contract Project Manager for several years, having successfully managed large-scale, big-ticket technology projects for several Fortune 100 companies. Recently my contract with a multinational bank ended and I began searching for a new contract. With more than 20 years of solid experience and multiple globally-recognized certifications under my belt I've never had a problem securing my next contract, at least not until now, at 76 years old. I've interviewed at a couple of dozen companies - a few of them multiple times - I've been refused employment for no apparent reason beyond my age. Ageism (aka age discrimination) is alive and very well in hiring organizations today. #ageism #discrimination #seniors #hiring #interviewing #general

Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
over 6 months ago

Frustration with potential employers ...MOVE ON!

I have been sharing in the frustrations of some Jobcasers this week.

Some made some bad decisions in their past and so have a felony record, but are ready to move forward having paid their societal debts. Shouldn't they be given a chance? How about a chance to even meet and explain the past and articulate what they have to offer in the future. Just to be considered? Turns out there are some employers who think the answer is 'no' across the board.

Other Jobcasers have an extra challenge to overcome such as Autism or ADHD. But many employers are not interested in starting an employment conversation despite there being a TON of examples of how people with extra-ordinary challenges so often bring extra-ordinary efforts and results.

Here's my thought about these potential employers. FORGET THEM! They really aren't worth your time.

Here's the good news. There are plenty of GREAT employers who would love to hear your story and give you a chance.

Heres the strategy: Focus on finding the great ones - not complaining or trying to change the ignorant ones.

So if you have a tougher 'story' to sell as a prospective employee. Don't let your emotions get the better of you if a jerk rejects you without any individual consideration for who you are or what you offer-- just FORGET THEM, and move on to finding employers who will consider you as an individual and who may prove to be the exact right fit for what you want! Job search takes a lot of energy. Don't spend that energy on trying to change someone who won't - spend it on finding those who are interested in listening to begin with. Much less energy to spend, much happier path, and much greater probability of success.

But as you find an ignorant one - be sure to post who to avoid here at Jobcase. You can review your interview process in the company sections - (be sure to find the right location). This way other jobcasers in similar spot as you can avoid wasting any time or energy knocking on the same ignorant door.

Jobcasers helping Jobcasers. Its what this site is all about. Its what is going to help give you ever more power in your work-life.
the more we all share and help one another, the more power we all get back in our work-life!

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