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Brooklyn Mattison
ContributorBullet point
over 6 months ago

So you have everything on your resume that you should have right? What about the things you shouldn’t have on there? 🤔

Check these 4 things out that you need to remove immediately so you can get hired! 👏🏽

📝1.) Your full address! I cannot express this enough that it is not their business. Your full address falls under confidential information.

📝2.) Your personal interest! As much as you care about them, which is okay! It’s a time and a place for everything and your resume is not one of them.

📝3.) Images. 100% not necessary unless required for the application to the position. They can see you when they interview you baby.

📝4.) A job from 10+ years ago. Take er off! Unless that job directly ties to your desired position you don’t need it!

It’s time to get hired at that job you want. It’s yours, go get it and update that resume!!! 📝

Did this help? Comment below if you have questions! 💭⬇️

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