Rush to dinner

My memorable ride was with a guy who traveled to have dinner and meet his CEO for the first time.
Well his story didn't start right because when he landed in Denver they told him that all his things were shipped to California. Why? No idea.
So he asked my opinion for what he’s supposed to wear for the dinner and I said that what he was wearing was good but he didn't feel comfortable because after a few hours traveling he said he didn't smell good so I suggested to go to the closest store so he could grab something new.
Well Khols was the closest store and I went with him to choose a shirt and a pair of t-shirts and bam! We were done.
He didn't want to wear his clothes at the store afraid of transportation, so he waited until the destination.
On our way he was telling me jokes like nothing happened even with his things sent to another place and him staying in Denver for a weekend with only a toothbrush and couple t-shirts.
He didn't freak out when we arrived because we were 30 minutes late and outside the car he put on his shirt. I gave him my cologne, he used it, and when he turned everybody was facing us. He laughed at himself and he said please don't laugh at me, I feel like everyone will.
It is nice having a passenger with all the things happened to him but he was cool. #My2017Drives

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