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Candace Darnell
over 6 months ago

IT career and school

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Good day everyone. I am rapidly relocating due to my father-in-law's decline in health and I am freaking out a tad because this means I may be jobless for quite sometime. I am relocating to Shreveport, Louisiana where IT jobs seem to be about "who you know". A little background: I just separated from the Air Force almost 2 years ago, with 9 years of Desktop support and 1 year of System Administration. The move has been granted because my husband is Active Duty and has received orders to do so.

Ok, now my question is, If I were to go to school full time to receive my degree, would that harm me in the future with getting back into the IT job world? I figured it would considering how quick technology updates and improves. Any advice would be great, thank you.

Marcus Jordan

Hello Candace, Welcome to Jobcase!! Thanks so much for offering up such an interesting and challenging question on the community. Any length of time away from the IT industry will almost surely put you at a disadvantage when you decide to re-enter the workforce. Is the degree you are pursuing in IT? Coursework that includes training with state of the art technology and the latest/greatest software, however, would be enough to keep you current and updated in the industry. Refer this question to a career or enrollment counselor at your school before enrolling in order to get a better perspective on what coursework and school is a better fit for your long term career goals. Shreveport is an a remote area of Louisiana where the IT jobs may be limited but refer to the RecruitMilitary website ( for local hiring events and career workshops you can take advantage as a service veteran. Hope this helps!

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