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Michael Carvalho
4 months ago


Scams are common in our industry and new twists on the classic check scam are developed every day. Scammers often operate by pretending to be MSPA Americas or our member companies and contact the general public by email, telephone, job boards or social media sites. They use fake names and titles to entice people to receive a check in the mail, conduct a false assignment, and then wire money or send items to a specified address. Regardless of the variations of this classic scam, the checks will bounce and the victim is left footing the full bill and the bank fees associated with it.

For those in the US, please report your experience with a scammer to the FTC here. If you're located in Canada, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud at 1-888-495-8501.

Though we cannot stop every scam or the people behind them, we can continue to educate the public about this issue. You may have seen a recent news story or legal filing on the matter too. We are always so appreciative of these! We will share scams with the membership as they are known to us. If you have one to share, please email mspa@hqtrs.com and we will share them here.

Member Companies: using this guide is a great way to start fighting back! Scam Response Guide

As a reminder, MSPA Americas (or any of the regions throughout the globe) do not solicit mystery shoppers. The most frequent question we receive is if MSPA is hiring and if a variety of names are employed by us. The answer is always no. Opportunities only come from MSPA Service Provider Companies and after you register with them or they find you through the MSPA Evaluator Database.

February 2020 If you receive a message stating "INTELLISHOP® is accepting applications for qualified and reliable agents for Walmart shopping survey. The assignment will pay $500 per duty. Click on the link for more information: https://bit.ly/363p4MW" please do not follow through. This is a scam and could result in you losing money. Helion Research notified us of a scam involving their company's name. Text messages and emails are being received from David Goedel, Survey Coordinator, asking for people to work for them. This is a scam and can be found on CareerBuilder as well. January 2020 Mailers are going out with opportunities from Donald Price with MSPA information on it. We do not hire mystery shoppers and do not have a Donald Price on our team. Please consider this a scam. IntelliShop let us know about another scam. A scammer is contacting people through LinkedIn to sign up to be a mystery shopper, with a link to fill out this registration form. The scammers are using real employee names but fake employee email addresses. December 2019 CSE Inc. let us know about check scam using Customer Service Experts as the MSPA. Rest assured that is a scam and if you have questions, please contact CSE directly. Alta260 Research is the victim of a scam. " I just received a call from a young lady who had $7000 stole from her and this individual that is scamming them is using our website and has reconfigured it I am sending the URL below: https://retailsresearch.com/ " WeCheck is also a victim of a scam. Two websites have been shut down already but no luck on shutting down the scammers. Please remember that no companies will send you a check prior to shopping and be sure to check the URLs of websites you visit. When it doubt, access the company through the MSPA Americas website. November 2019 If you receive a message with the subject line: NEEDED | JobsAssignment's Available from premium.job@null.net, please delete immediately. The message includes answering personal questions and is most certainly a scam. "Hello, We are a company that conducts surveys and evaluate with 'SecretShopper'. * You will be taught how to run the task and earn your income. * You will get training information and instructions via e-mail. * You must complete the task well so that your income is high (Incentive is $290) / assignments. To get more information and instructions from us, reply to this e-mail with the following data to => " premium.job@null.net " Your response would be greatly appreciated, thanks... Sincerely. Wanda C. Hill 2019 MS-Agency, LLC #MyThoughts #Scams #Workat #workfromhome #interview #healthcare #hiringevents

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