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Katherine McCord
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over 6 months ago

I love talking about neuro-diversity! Why? It's a super power! Did you know that the Neuro-Diverse community makes up over 40% of the population!? Neurodiversity includes any person whose brain processes information or stimuli differently (I say better). While the term focuses primarily on differences such as ADHD, Autism, TS, and Dyslexia, it can also refer to people with Anxiety, Bipolar, or many other variations. So many people in leadership and hiring shy away from this group, and let me tell you, that is an EPIC mistake! These folks bring a variety of talents and unique perspective that lead to innovation, creativity, and ultimately, higher profits. Take Mervyn Kennedy-MacFoy for instance. Mervyn has been my primary advisor on Titan ATS and designed one of our key features. His unique way of gathering and presenting information lead us down a remarkable rabbit hole that helped land us in #WebSummit2021! Then there is Dan Roth who during COVID, without any experience in recruiting or strong LinkedIn experience, created a Job Connection series and postings that landed hundreds jobs and solid connections! Then, of course, you have yours truly, and I can do pretty much anything, especially in Talent Acquisition, so every company should be trying to hire me. ;) DIFFERENT DOES NOT EQUAL BAD. In fact, in hiring, different equals terrific! So, when you are out there trying to find candidates, make sure that your application process is neuro-diverse friendly. ** Short Processes ** Be Specific ** No Video Submittals And most importantly, when hiring, LOOK FOR DIFFERENT!

(Reach out to me for more information and tips, or tips on getting hired as a neuro-diverse person.)

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