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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
1 day ago

McDonald's is paying people $50 just to show up for a job interview...

A Florida McDonald's location is offering 50 bucks for job interview candidates and still struggling to attract workers according to the Business Insider online article, A Florida McDonald's is still struggling to find applicants

Employer are blaming unemployment and stimulus for their "worker shortage"...

  • Would you risk losing your unemployment benefits for a foodservice or retail job?

  • Why do you think it's sooo hard to attract workers for these type of jobs?

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Dani V
3 months ago


I recently discovered that I am eligible for PUA benefits as a furloughed freelancer with a reduced income. I was able to speak with someone in PUA after about an hour hold who helped me with my 2020 back log claim. However, they told me not to begin filing for 2021 until my 2020 back claim was resolved. Does this sound right? My understanding is that is may take months to resolve. I plan on calling again but in the meantime my work as a freelancer remains compromised. Did anyone here go through something similar and what did you do? I do not want to jeopardize my 2020 backlog in any way if I am eligible, as it appears I am. What would you do? #unemplyment #help #pua

Cassandra Ketola
3 months ago

PUA Extention [Back-story, current, and questions]

I have been out of work since the very beginning of this COVID pandemic. I live in a very small area and jobs are already hard to find. I worked as a bartender and was laid off because of the states shutdown. I was never hired back on because the owners simply couldn't afford to hire all of us back for our regular shifts. I started receiving PUA mid-June and did collect some back pay. My PUA benefits ran out beginning of December. December 5, 2020, to be exact, was the last week I was able to certify. I was then asked to verify my identity and that week was listed as approved, but pending (until I could verify my identity). So, I did send in my proofs and I still have yet to receive my last weeks payment. When I log into MiWAM I am still prompted to verify identity. When I click Submissions, you can see that I did send my proofs to the. I also recieved a letter and an email confirming that Ibhad sent in proof and it was approved. I'm frustrated because I still can not find work O am a single mother of 2 teenage boys. I am struggling to make ends meet and am very afraid of being evicted from our home.

My questions are scattered throughout this post, if you can see that I am very unsure of what steps I should or can even take at this point.. or is it just a waiting game now? Also.. I am wondering if because my benefits exhausted before the PUA extensions were approved, does that mean I do not qualify? I looked for a way to re open my claim or to file a new claim and I dont have any links to either of those options.

HELP!? Please. Any advice is welcomed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Sharon Gavin

Yes I am experiencing that when I try to certify for weekly benefits I receive a message that I have to speak to an agent and then I hear the following there are no agents available call back tomorrow.

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Willie Rahe

I couldn't get any of a lying boss told unemployment that I quit when I had proof I was fired but unemployment BELEIVE him I got nothing but hosp to bills doc bills with a worthless att of Omaha James Walz stole from me what I had cumin from workmen's comp

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