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Mike Grauer Jr
about 1 year ago

My life sucks.

Sallie Mae is double garnishing me now. They have two arms coming at me. So now working at my par time minimum wage job. I am being garnished 30 percent of my income. Thanks to my inability to get anything better. I am even poorer now.

Tell me again why college was worth it? That is even with me having a MBA and BFA in animation. College is a scam. It is not worth it. All it gave me is low wage work. Made me even more unemployable then I was before college.

This debt has effected my mental health to no end. Of course they don’t care about my issues. They don’t care if they garnish all my wages. These ass***s are the worst. You know what? You can thank the US government. This would not happen in the private sector.

You people wonder why I am depressed all the time. I can’t a job that pays more then minimum wage and is full time and I am being garnished to the hilt.

I have every right to be depressed. No work, no money, no life

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Akeem Tijani
over 3 years ago

Master in Social work

I have a Master in Social work, graduated last year May from Howard University. worked briefly like a year as a community support worker/Case manager. though am looking forward to take my LGSW license. Meanwhile I am really in need of a job, seriously; My student loan has kicked in this January 2017. I believe somebody in this jobcase community can help me out. I leave in Washington DC

Mike Grauer Jr
almost 2 years ago


My school loans killed another job opportunity. Thanks to credit check. Can't pay them back if I can't get a job.... College was the biggest mistake of my life. Not worth it.

#studentdebt #studentloans #debt #creditcheck #employment #work #job