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David Martinez
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

Does it seem that employers are asking for too much in their job requirements? Some employers are asking that a job seeker know certain software(s) to be qualified for the job. The software is so unique that only a small percentage of job seekers will actually know it, and are probably not even living in the same state or city to apply for the job. Not everyone has a bachelor's degree, and not everyone is going to meet the minimum requirement of years in certain job detail areas.

I think some companies just need to hire people who have actually studied for that particular job field regardless of job experience. And help train those individuals further on. Yes, I know there are intern positions, but those positions are limited to only so many students, so not student is able to take advantage of the internships. I know people who got degrees in this or that, but could not find a job due to lack of experience. More companies need to start providing experience instead of looking for it. #unemployment #interview #jobsearch #experience #lackofexperience #NotEmployable