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Charri Hensley
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over 6 months ago

We live in a world that is rather quickly changing. Looking at the jobs that are available can be daunting. Yet, you have what it takes to be more than a number at some corporation. You are a treasure trove of skills, experience, ideas, and desire to make this life better for yourself and others. Take those free classes. Read new books. Find out about the company you are seeking hire with. Go to the online reviews, read each word on the website. Research each company. Get yourself a pros and cons list for each company and build a pros and cons list for each company. You can build your own file, giving you boldness to send resumes that point out why, and how you are the perfect fit for said company. Be persistent. Did they say call this day? Call them, take you pros and cons list to your interview. Ask hard questions. Be fearless. You can do this! I believe in YOU! #motivation #Treasure #MakeEachMomentCount #nevergiveup #wordsofadvice #inspiration #interview #jobreadiness

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