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Josephine Marcelino
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

YOU CANT FIX YOUR LIFE PROBLEMS with the same mindset that created them...that often means a change of environment will be the fastest and most effective catalyst for change. That is why I bring my high achievers to Monte Carlo to really appreciate the "NO LIMITS" lifestyle and thinking. When you're surrounded by nothing but serious wealth you can see opportunities everywhere rather than restrictions that you're used to wherever you live. #fortuneacadem #mindsetbeforemoney #hithermann I started my Monte Carlo retreat recruitment this month, lifetime coaching calls plus a 5 day VIP retreat where I take you from whatever level you're at to ELITE! Be warned though, I don't take to lazy people too well, so high achievers only apply. My best results from the back of this retreat - an extra £15million in profit created in 5 months by one of my mentees (They we're on £5million year before that) #workfromhome #hiringevents #coronavirus #unemployment