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Debra Christal
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Verified Employer
over 6 months ago

Seeking a Class A or B CDL Driver for a full time position with The Loving Group, a local landscaping /construction company that is headquartered in Gastonia, North Carolina. This position will work out of the Charlotte, NC location.

This is a salaried-exempt position with compensation commensurate with experience. General range is $50,000-$56,000 based on initial skill set.

Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, disability, 401(k), paid time off and merit bonuses

Job Summary

The position of CDL Turf Driver is within the landscaping operations division located in Charlotte, NC, traveling between the farm location in Bamberg, SC to various service territories throughout North and South Carolina.

The ideal candidate is an energetic, positive-thinking and motivated individual with high quality standards and an appropriate experience. This role reports directly to the Logistics Manager and will be responsible for delivering and/or picking up sod to and from work sites. The CDL Turf Driver may also load and unload the vehicles.

As CDL Turf Driver you're expected to work 10-11 hour shifts. Days will vary with business levels, weather and seasonality; however typical shifts begin at 7am.

Candidates for this position must have a working mobile phone with a prominent provider to ensure service availability. A suitable reimbursement will be provided for usage related to work.

Education/Experience/Skills Required:

•Must hold a valid Class A driver’s license in NC.

•Driver must also have a driving record in good standing according to the company’s insurance policy requirements as well as DOT and FMCSA standards.

•Minimum of 2 years of CDL commercial vehicle driving experience.

•Minimum of 3 years verifiable employment history.

•Must be able to pass a CDL Physical and be qualified for two years and pass pre-employment drug test. Must have valid DOT physical/medical card.

•Detail and safety oriented. Self-motivated

•Ability to lift 75 to 100 pounds

•Be compliant with all CSA 2010 requirements

•Good verbal and written communication skills and customer service skills. Customer focused mindset

•Able to understand customer orders and follow safety regulations, read and comprehend regulations and instructions

To Apply: Send your resume to me asap at christd@mustardssedcareers.com. Include CDL - NC in the subject line. I follow up with all applicants who apply - Thank you!

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Joi Chilton
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over 6 months ago

Hello I am new to jobcase and the state of Nevadas job world and I'm stuck, I need to make $4000 a month and I haven't found anything yet. Customer service or driving jobs are my preference and I'm still having a hard time. Any Advice? #work #workfromhome #jobsearch #drivingjobs #customerservice #1stjobinnevada

Mike Grauer Jr
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over 6 months ago

I have been driving part time for Enterprise for 3 months now. Here are some thoughts on this job.

It was fairly easy to apply this job. Its just a matter of seeing if there is a opening in your area. Like in my case I work for the Bremerton team. We also have others in the area who do the same as I, like Tacoma for example.

This job also has a lot of down time. As we drive as crew to different locations to move cars. We can start in Bremerton and end up in Port Angeles for example. Thats two hours you are sitting a the crew van. Doing nothing. Good thing tho. You are still getting paid. Bad thing you can be very bored if you don't bring something to do.

Sometimes you might have conflicts if you fellow drivers you are stuck in the van with for long periods of time.

You will always get a half hour lunch. Ours tend to be around 11 to 12. Its variable depending on what you are doing that day. You can end up at any of the Enterprise locations in your area for lunch.

What I like about the job:

  1. I get to drive many kinds of vehicles, sports cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, among others. Along with all the many brands the make cars today.

  2. Flexible hours. They are very lax when it come to taking time off. We have one guy who drives with us who has taken more time off then he has worked to go hunting and fishing. Even taking time off at last minute.

  3. Getting experience at driving. I have driven a whole lot of miles over that last 3 months. Around 3600 or so miles so far.

What I don't like driving for Enterprise.

  1. The insane traffic that one can experience. If you know the Puget Sound area. You will know of how bad it can get between Federal Way and just passed the Tacoma Dome. Not a knock against Enterprise as much as it is related to this geographical area.

  2. I wish I could get more hours. This job is only part time. I can't get anything more then around 28 hours a week. The average tends to be around 20 to 25 hours a week.

  3. Some times some of the things they have you drive are frustrating, annoying or somewhat dangerous. Like driving the 18 passenger vans(Or what we call Swags) to a location. No one that I drive with likes these things, but we have to do it anyway.

Is it worth it? For me it is. As I can have time to try to build of a side gig. Lot of older folks will do this job to supplement their retirement. I am the youngest in my crew by a wide margin. All the others are retired. If might be a good idea if you need supplemental income to apply for this job.

Thats all I have to say about Enterprise at this point.

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