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Cynthia Okonkwo
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over 6 months ago


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Since the pandemic, even employers that once had strict dress codes have now relaxed their attire requirements. So, if you’re a job candidate, you might not quite know what to wear for a job interview, whether in-person or virtual. That’s why today, I’m sharing with, “Dress the Part,” a lesson from my Career Search Rx Coaching Program. I think you will find it helpful as you ponder what to wear to your next interview.

ponder what to wear to your next interview.

Give Your Job Search a 2023 Makeover! THREE DRESS CODES FOR JOB INTERVIEWS:

This lesson focuses on professional, business casual, and casual interview dress codes.

Professional Dress Code – This is the most formal of the three interview dress codes. It is often thought of as stuffy and uncomfortable…especially during the summer months. However, some employers will consider you a serious candidate if you dress to this level during your interview. If your interview is virtual, you can dress professionally on the top and wear shorts or pajamas on the bottom. Then, change into a T-shirt after the interview.
Business Casual Dress Code – This is dress code is the one that I personally, and many others, appear to like most. The business casual dress code has now become the standard following the after pandemic return to the office. Check out https://www.gq.com/gallery/best-work-shoes-for-men for some cool business casual shoe styles for men. I think you’ll like it.
Casual Dress Code – The casual dress code is the truly the less-demanding of all. In fact, I always say that a casual dress code makes you look like your headed to the park for a walk. Now, don’t get it twisted. A casual dress code does not mean that no standards or guidelines exist. It also does not mean that its is not a well-coordinated look. To me, it just means it’s very relaxed.


Don’t make assumptions when deciding which dress code you will follow for your interview. You want your potential new employer to know that you exercise sound judgement across the entire employee lifecycle…including during the interview and selection phase. So, I recommend that job candidates follow the dress code, for their interview, that is one level higher than current employees follow.

You know that my goal is to help you live your best career life. So, if you’ve found this post helpful, share it. Like it. Subscribe to my blog or channel. Or leave me a comment or a question. I’d love to hear from you.

Career Search Success to You! Go Get Your New Job!

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Alyson Goff
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over 6 months ago

If a high school student is applying to a job that is typically not given to kids or young adults, should they wear a more mature outfit to match the employees already working there or dress like themselves?