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Josh Hockett
6 months ago

Stimulus Refund

I filed my 2019 taxes Feb 28th with HR block office. I have not yet gotten my stimulus check nor can the IRS website find my refund status. Has anyone else found this the case also? Note I am not getting a tax refund as I worked overseas all 2019 and paid no US tax under SOFA with Italy as a contractor. Does this possibly delay my stimulus deposit since I get no tax refund? #stimulus #CARES

Karen Bourgeois Fitzgerald
about 2 months ago

Have not gotten Stimulus Check

I have not received mine either! I am sitting here with no money and I am about to lose my house... I lost my daughter a year ago and need it to help me pay for my attorney!! I filled out the Non- filer. Bc I have not filed in 2 years bc I have not worked in about 5 years due to a debilitating accident. I tried to get SSD but I was denied basically because I will not die in 12 months... but no one thinks how I am dead inside myself! I need money ! I was a nurse and worked for the state! So why am I keep reading on the IRS website that I may not qualify or they need more information?? I think this is rediculous... I am a US citizen... I thought everyone was going to get ce it... and what makes me sick is that they are going to give a second stimulus. #advice #cares #stimulus #health #government