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Derik Lattig
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

I applied for a spokesperson at an area county. 12 hours later I received a message that "I didn't meet qualifications". I called the H-R office and spoke with the woman who had reviewed my resume. Her response: "You worked in TV, we are looking for a P-R professional" I asked her if she knew what we did in TV day in day out like a MAS*H unit of information, we get it in and flip it daily. This did no good, she told me she had been instructed to look for "certain things" and "I didn't make the cut". I told her the application listed a degree in communications and/or experience. It did not specify P-R.

My message to H-R folks: Don't be this worker. Explore backgrounds and maybe you will find it may not be labeled a banana, but it is indeed a banana. In the communications field we do a lot of the same things, but we use different titles. Be aware. Research. Do Your job when looking at potential applicants, don't take the lazy way out and say, "I know nothing about the TV Business".

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